Monday, December 3, 2018

Toastmaster Session 4

28th July 2018

Toastmasters conducted their 4th session with our students today.

As reported by our teacher Mr Lourduraj:

Minutes of Toastmasters, session 4, done on 28.7.18.

@ The session began about 10.30 am. 

@ Teachers, Mrs. Rukshana and Mr. Lourdu were part of the session.

@ 18 students partook in the day's session (approximately).

@ There were 4 prepared speeches and 13 table topics for the day. The theme for the speakers was *Movies* and the word of the day was *Procrastinate*

@ Followed by the speeches, evaluation of them was presented by the student-evaluators. It included aspects like repetitions, filler words, pauses, grammatical errors.

@ The best speakers of the day were voted and appreciated with the felicitating tags.

@ The convener finally addressed the students, with his analysis of the session, highlighting the merits and demerits of the presentation.

@ The session concluded by 12:30 pm with lunch.

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