Friday, April 2, 2021

Sathya Nair and Sqn Ldr Unni Nair visit school

 23rd March 2021

Sathya Nair and Sqn Ldr Unni Nair joined us for lunch with our teachers.

Sqn Ldr Unni Nair, Head Honcho of Excel HR Facilitations and Planet Adventure gave our teachers a uplifting talk. Motivated them, stirred them up and entertained them with a lovely song!

Thank you Sathya and Unni!

Pattimandram - Debate

 24th March 2021

The teachers from Gurukulam, GVTC and all admin staff had a "hot pattimandram" (debate) on:

Is Money Most Important for Life?


Is Character Most Important for Life?

It was a day of fun, team building and passionate speeches :-)

Mr Sathya headed the debate for - Is Character Most Important for Life?

Ms Farah headed the debate for - Is Character Most Important for Life?

It was close - both teams had their say. It was a close competition with compelling arguments. 

Mr Sathya's closing speech clinched the victory for his team!

Workshop with Teachers - Effective Training

 25th March 2021

It was a fruitful workshop on "Effective Training" with our teachers.

The teachers huddled, discussed and came up with what elements made teaching effective. Each group decided on what was the order of importance for them!

They then presented their work with aplomb!

Effective training is where:

The trainer knows the subject:

·       The Trainer has researched the subject thoroughly

·       The Trainer can answer most questions adequately or directs to an appropriate resource

·       The Trainer has sufficient depth of knowledge to be flexible in the training



The trainer is able to analyze and diagnose faults:

·       The Trainer can identify where the trainee is going wrong

·       The Trainer knows why the trainee is not performing

·       The Trainer has appropriate solutions for each fault



The training objectives are SMART:

·       The training objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound

·       The training objectives are agreed by the trainees

·       The Trainer is able to amend the objectives if necessary, during the training



The training is clear, concise and interesting:

·       The training is delivered so that it is easily understood

·       The Trainer uses a variety of tools to get the message across

·       The Trainer maintains the interest of the trainees



The training is responsive to how trainees like to learn:

·       Trainees are involved in the training

·       Trainees have opportunities to practice skills

·       Trainees are given time to reflect on what they have learnt

·       Trainees are able to ask questions



The trainer tests understanding to confirm learning:

·       The Trainer asks effective questions

·       The Trainer sets appropriate tests

·       The Trainer challenges trainees to demonstrates their learning



The trainer is approachable and supportive:

·       The Trainer is open and honest

·       The Trainer is relaxed, friendly and interested in trainees

·       The Trainer listens well and shows empathy to trainees

·       The Trainer asks for and is able to receive criticism well



The trainer is able to demonstrate well:

·       The Trainer is able to do what is being taught to a high standard

·       The Trainer is able to demonstrate clearly

·       The Trainer is also able to demonstrate how not to do it



The training is structured, organized and efficient:

·       It is well designed and has a logical structure

·       It is well organized

·       It runs efficiently with little waste of time, resources or use of equipment



There is good documentation, tools and equipment:

·       The documentation is clear, sufficient and easy to refer to

·       The tools and equipment used are relevant and in good working order

·       There is enough equipment and time for each trainee to use

·       The environment is suitable for learning


KPMG sponsors Mobile phones and Laptops


Thanks to KPMG, our 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th students received mobile phones and laptops to help them through the pandemic. 

It was indeed thoughtful of KPMG team to reach out to our children, most of whom did not have any means of working from home through the covid. The children received a total 36 mobile phones and 5 laptops. 

Our loving thanks to KPMG for their constant support and thoughtfulness. 

Toys and Sports equipment


Mr Kiren and Dr Rathi sponsored toys and sports equipment for our children

Our loving thanks! 

School reopens post covid


Our school reopened for the 10th and 12th as per the Govt declaration since we closed for covid in April 2020. 

Our 9th and 11th students were permitted to attend school from the 8th Feb as per the Govt declaration.

This year has been challenging!


Grade 11 & 12

Grade 9

Grade 10



Vitamin supplements for our students


Thanks to Dr Rathi and Mr Kiren, our children and staff are getting their regular dose of Vit C, Vit D and Zinc to supplement their health through the pandemic.

Our loving thanks to Dr Rathi and Mr Kiren.

Laptop for Dharini


Dharini, who was our 12th standard topper in 2017 was presented a laptop for her use in college. She is doing her final year in Medical Biotechnology. 

Dharini was finding it a huge challenge to work on a mobile phone through the pandemic. It was a joy to present her the laptop!

Mr Kiren and Dr Rathi were generous to donate the laptop. Our loving thanks to both of them. 

More about the scholarship for Dharini at

Celebrating INDIA'S 72nd REPUBLIC DAY


Gurukulam wishes everyone a very Happy Republic Day

Flag hoisting at Gurukulam  -