Friday, November 21, 2014

Heritage visit to Mamallapuram by the VII standard students

On Saturday the 23rd August 2014, a  heritage tour to Mamallapuram was arranged by the Principal. Class VII students were accompanied by the social teacher, Mrs. Shaistha. 

Report by Ms Shaistha Begam, social studies teacher of VII standard:

"We started from the school premises at around 9:50 a.m. We got the PTC bus by 10:45 a.m. and reached Mamallapuram at around 11:20 a. m. 

The first place we visited was the Five Rathas. The students observed the rock cut temples and collected the information about them. We took photos.  They were very happy and excited. Most of them had visited the place for the first time. 

After that we made a visit to the other monuments and cave temples. After having lunch, we visited the “Butter Ball” one of the famous rocks standing without any support. Students were very joyous and enthusiastic to go there. They had a nice time climbing on the rocks.

Next at the light house, there is a museum which displays the equipment used in the light house and also models of ships built in various countries of the world. It also has a display of the Barometer and a big light house lamp. Many new routes including the “silk route” were seen on the route maps displayed in the museum. It was really a great experience for both me and the children."

Visit by Dr Krishnamurthy and PSSB Millennium Teachers and students

Visit by PSBB Millennium Teachers and students

Mrs Kalyani and Ms Anandi, teachers from PSBB millennium school visited our school along with two students today, the 29th October. They toured around the school and interacted with the students. They attended Dr Krishnamurthy's session on climatic changes too. 

The Principal of PSBB Millennium later spoke to our Principal, saying that she had got a very good feedback from her staff about our school. In her own words: "Shakila, my teachers raved about your school, your students discipline and infrastructure." She invited us for their school Project. 

Dr Krishnamurthy visits Gurukulam....

Dr Krishnamurthy's visit...

Dr Krishnamurthy, a renowned geologist lectured us on the climatic changes and its impact on our lives. He  encouraged the students to participate in the poster competition conducted by his department. 


Primary project - “ WATER-THE ELIXIR OF LIFE” was organized on 15th September 2014 to initiate a drive to conserve water for future generation.  

Mrs Sumathi Ramaswami inaugurated the event. 

Children exhibited models, charts depicting sources, uses, conservation of water. They predicted that if we ignore conserving water, the ensuing water crisis would lead to conflicts over sharing of water in the world. 

Apart from quenching thirst, water is used for cleansing, dissolving, healing (hydrotherapy) and recreational (swimming and other water sports) purposes - was the thought  of class 2 students. 

Class 4 students emphasized on rain water harvesting and recycling of water as part of conservation of this valuable resource. The visitors carried home a strong and sensitive message - " save water, secure the future"

The Parents were delighted with the project!! And this is what they had to say....

Aug 15th 2014 Independence Day Celebrations

A "Fancy Dress" competition was held at Gurukulam to commemorate the 68th Independence Day of India. Children participated enthusiastically and enthralled the audience with their costumes, speech and mannerism. There were Gandhis', Nehrus', Subash chandra Bose ,Bharath Matha, Razia Sultana etc. The students spread the spirit of freedom and patriotism  through their action and speech.