Friday, July 26, 2019

Macquarie Group Foundation helps start the Electrical and Home Appliances Classes for GVTC

6th June 2019

Thanks to funding from Macquarie Group Foundation, courses in Electrical and Home Appliances has been started.

Children from 6th grade to 8th grade have started learning a vocational trade as part of their all round learning at Gurukulam.

The 8th standard children love the Electrical and Home Appliances! They are feeling truly empowered with this learning!

KPMG Volunteers help get our school ready for the new academic year!

May 2019

KPMG volunteers worked hard to paint the class rooms for our children. 

Thanks to their effort, our children started the academic year in bright, clean classrooms.

Our loving thanks to the KPMG team for the constant support! 

Gifts from Carrasco family in Spain for birthdays of Mubarak and Sridarshini

Mrs Ana Maria Dura and Mr Javier Carrasco celebrated the birthdays of both the children they are sponsoring! 

They sponsored birthday gifts for both the children and cake for the whole school on both occasions. 

Sridarshini of 2nd standard, Birthday 13th March. 

Mubarak of 1st standard Birthday - 08th July.

It was 2 very loved children, thanks to Mrs Ana Maria Dura and Mr Javier Carrasco!

Our loving thanks to them for making the children's day special!

Thank you Farah and team Gurukulam in making this a beautiful day :-)

Best Discipline Student Award - A gift from Mrs Shobhana and Mr Vikram Hosangady

24th July 2019

Best Discipline Award

Mrs Shobhana and Mr Vikram Hosangady have chosen to give a prize money of Rs 30,000 to be given out to the 6 best disciplined students starting from Class VII to Class XII. Each student would be getting Rs 5000 each.They were keen to have this award instituted to cultivate and motivate discipline in our students. Besides academics,discipline plays a key role in achieving success was their line of thinking. 

Gurukulam teachers sat together and came up with the following criteria to choose the students for the awards :

1. Overall Behaviour 
2. Punctuality
3. Regularity/Attendance
4. Respect to the elders
5. Role model to other children.
6. Grooming

So far three students have received the award:

1. Vishwa and Arunkumar shared the first award. 

2. Shabana has won the award for the second term.

On July 24th we had Mrs Shobhana Hosangady visit our school and give the award to Shabhana. An interesting school assembly was lined up. A board dedicated to Shabana was put up with her photograph,art work of students to make her feel special along with notes from her friends on her achieving this award.Besides the usual prayers,thoughts for the day, Shabana who bagged the prize spoke about how she felt receiving the award and thanked Mrs Shobhana for the encouragement.A couple of friends also spoke on Shabana and what they liked about her. Shabana’s teachers were beaming with joy and spoke fondly of her.Finally Mrs Shobhana gave a heart warming speech motivating children by using Shabana as an example and stressing the importance of discipline as a bridge between accomplishments and goals.She also appealed to the children to have many of them compete  for this award.In short,  discipline must be a way of life at Gurukulam is what she conveyed.

Mrs Shobhana treated the school to some cake at lunch time and the children were delighted. According to the teachers there seem to be a positive rub off effect of the assembly with children telling each other next time they should bag the prize!

An air of positivity prevailed and Gurukulam was charged towards being a more disciplined bunch of students.

Thank you Usha, Farah and team Gurukulam for putting together this memorable morning at our school.

A loving thanks from Gurukulam to Mrs Shobhana and Mr Vikram Hosangady for having instituted this award!

A lingering thought to ponder and act on....


Birthday Celebrations of Amaanyaa and Arianna at school

20th June 2019,

Amaanyaa and Arianna's birthday celebrations were held at school. 

Julie and Sriram, the parents, wanted to celebrate their daughters birthdays along with the whole school and sponsored lunch, cakes and presents!

Our loving thanks to Julie and Sriram for sharing their joy with school.

Thank you Farah and team Gurukulam for making this a special day at school!

Vishal - a very young volunteer - teaches German for our children

1st July, 2019

Today saw the start of German classes from a very young volunteer from USA!

Vishal is starting his 10th grade in USA and decided that he needs to share something with other children who are not so privileged. And what better than to share the German language which is one of his passions! 

Adit, along with his brother Vishal and mom Shefali visited school on the 1st July and started teaching children who were keen to learn. The classes are now held via Skype!

We are proud of Adit for volunteering at this age and our loving thanks to him for making this effort while having to work hard for his own studies!