Saturday, March 18, 2017

Salwar Kameez for all our girl children from classes 8 to 12

16th March 2017

Yaseen along with his Mother visited school.

To celebrate the birth of his girl child, Yaseen and his Mother gave away new Salawars to all the girls from Classes 8th to 12th.

There sure were very happy faces in school that day :-)

Our loving thanks to Yaseen and family and our prayers for their beautiful child! 

Yoga class at School

16th March

It was heartening to see our students perform good yoga.

All our students, right from primary, start learning yoga with our teacher Sri Vajaravelu.

Below are some of the pictures taken during a normal class at school:

LKG Admissions 2017-18

15th March 2017

LKG Admissions were completed! The last of the house visits were conducted.

We have a lovely batch of new children who will be joining us for the academic year starting in June 2017. 

Every child who will be joining us are from an underprivileged back ground, with parents earning around Rs 8000/- per month. 

Principal Mr Venkatesan, Mr Ramesh - Admin Manager, Teachers Mr Abdul, Ms Priyanga along with Ana and myself on house visits.

Farhana - in the coloured dress

One of the girls who had applied to join us - Farhana - had come to school and enjoyed meeting our children! 

Farhana is being brought up by foster parents (who themselves earn less than Rs 8000 every month!). Her father has left her and her mother is staying at a local Darga until she finds some form of employment. 

We are waiting for Farhana, whose smiling face captivated all of us, to join our school and have a chance to break out of her poverty! 

It is a wonderful feeling that we could at least try and reach out to a few children among the hundreds who need help!

Common Wealth Day

13th March 2017

Common Wealth Day was celebrated at school to create an awareness of our history.

Below is a report by our teacher Lourdhu Raj:

Gurukulam- A “Trust Children”School
Report on common wealth program
                                                                                    Date:- 13/03/17
·      Program held in the general assembly.

·      The program was started by our Hon.Principal. Mr. Venketesan with a welcome address.
·      Followed by Principal’s speech Mr.Lourdhu Raj guided the program

·      There was a mime presented by Grade VIII kids which demonstrated the purpose of celebrating common Wealth Day.

·      Followed by a speech by R. Fathima of Grade VIII on importance of common Wealth day and its History.

·      Then the program concluded with a group snap shot.

Stop Motion Animation

9th March 2017

Children of Class 5 were enthralled by a new concept!

......"Stop Motion Animation".

Thanks to Mr Alex, Mr Raj, Mr Abhimanyu and Mr Gaidona of the "Animachin" team.

They helped grade 5 students create static clay models in various stages of motion. They then helped create a motion picture! Our students were completely enraptured! 

Below is the link to the final "show" by our 5th graders!

Report by our teacher follows:

                       A workshop for grade 5 students on March 09 2017. In the afternoon the workshop was conducted by Mr.Alex with his team from Animachin, which all students enjoyed and learnt new things about animation and how to create motion picture.

    The program started with an introduction section by Mr.Alex [ Mr.Raj, Mr.Abimanyu, Mr.Gaidona] team. He explained that how to create pictures using animation. Then students were sorted into groups of three and each one of them where in charge of each group then they set up the classroom for picture then they gave some clay to the students to prepare a model of picture.

                             Students preparing models with clay
            They have planned to create a picture on pollution, Power and Rubbish. After the students finished model making then they started there movie making on the topics which where enlisted above.

They created movie then the students mimicked the voice of the animation. This can be found in the website. Students have enjoyed a lot.