Monday, March 23, 2015

Science Exhibition 2014-2015

The Science Exhibition was conducted on the 13th March.

Children from Class I to Class X participated. Models were based on topics taken from their respective class curriculum...

It was wonderful to see their creativity and enthusiasm :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Admission for LKG 2015-2016

Admission for the Kindergarten students for the academic year 2015-2016 was started in Feb and is on going at the moment. 

The process for admission is exhaustive... 

First the notices for admission are sent to the poorer sections and slums around the school.

Parents then come in to submit their applications. Headed by the Principal, a team of teachers conduct house visits to confirm that the household falls under the criteria for our help.

A Trustee or Committee Member then does a final house visit before enrolling a child to our school....

A typical parent earns around Rs 7000/- per month or around USD $110/- per month. 

Puthiyavan's father is a daily labourer in a local church and he typically earns Rs 150/- every day he works. They live in a rented one room house which is bare of furniture. 

Samuel with his mother in their rented hut. 

Priyadarshini's mother 

Youth Leadership Programme

A Youth Leadership Programme is being conducted by volunteers from Toastmasters, an international organisation for public speaking.

A report on the event by our Vice Principal:


BY Toastmasters International

Day: 1 Date: 06.02.2015 Time: 3.00 Pm to

A team of five members Mr. Nithni, Mr. Karthic- Coordinator, Mr. Kush Thirupathi , Mr. Gauthom and Mrs. Vijayalakshmi  organized the meeting.

The team people were introduced by one another to our children (class 9 and 10 students) 
They explained about the program and requested the children to participate actively and enthusiastically till the end. They also assured the children that by the end of the last session there will be a tremendous change in them with regard to their communication and leadership skills.


The youth leadership program is an informal course in the art of communication and leadership. The ability to clearly express your thoughts to others so that they are heard and understood. It is important to communicate well to be successful in life. This ability is also important if you want to participate in group discussions and decision-making activities.


By participating this youth program, you will learn to:

Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience.
Organize and present your ideas logically and convincingly.
Listen carefully to other’s ideas.
Offer advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills.
Participate in – and even lead- group discussions or meetings.
Increase your self confidence and best of all, you will have fun while you are learning and you will make new friends.


You can’t learn to play the piano by reading books or listening to lectures on the subject. You must put the instructions in to practice. You couldn’t become a good speaker or a leader without practice. That’s how youth leadership program works. You are given plenty of opportunities to practice in a friendly, positive atmosphere. And you will receive advice and help from your fellow participants in the process.


Youth leadership class will meet eight times. Each session will last two hours. A coordinator and an assistant will help, but each meeting will be conducted by participants themselves.

In the first session, you will become better acquainted with other participants. You will learn about conducting a meeting, and the group will elect officers to lead the next three sessions. You will also analyze your present speaking skills.

In session two, you will learn about preparing an effective speech and some of you will be speaking before an audience. The group will learn how to evaluate the speakers too.

In the third session more of the group will speak and practice evaluating others. You will also practice impromptu speaking or table topics and participation in a group or panel discussion.

In session four, several more participants will present speeches and others will practice evaluation and table topics. The group also will learn more about organizing a speech and elect officers for the next four sessions.

During the fifth session, several participants will present their second speech and others will evaluate them and practice table topics. The group will discover the principles of good listening and learn more about conducting a meeting.

During the sixth session more participants will present their second speeches and others will evaluate them. The others will practice table topics. The group will discuss the importance of gestures and body movements in speaking, and practice conducting meetings or discussions.

In session seven, there will be more speeches, evaluations and table topics and the group will discuss the importance of a good voice and vocabulary in successful speaking. You will review the progress you have made in improving your speaking skills too. Finally you will make plans for the eighth and final session.

During the eighth session, the group will present whatever program it had selected. The group will then discuss plans for a special presentation ceremony, where parents, civic leaders and others are invited. You will each have the opportunity to display your newly developed skills and you will be recognized for your efforts.


Mrs. Vijayalakshmi took the session on PUBLIC SPEAKING. She taught the children how to remove the fear during a public speaking. She quoted a recent survey: The biggest fear factor in the world is public speaking. Next is the fear of death! 


The children were given chance to come forward to be the office bearers. They were also permitted to propose others for the posts. The following were elected.

President: Tharik Anwar
Presides over the function
Responsible for planning and organizing meeting
Make sure officers and participants are prepared.

Vice- president: (education): Sameer ahamed
Assists president in program planning
Acts as timer for Table Topics

Secretary: Mohamed Kadar
Keeps record of each meeting
Reads the minutes of the previous meeting
Assists coordinator in keeping rolls, distribute materials and communicates with group members when required.

Sergeant at Arms: Harishankar
 Equipment storage and preparation
Prepares the meeting place for each meeting
Physical comfort of guest and members during the meeting (seating, lighting, heating)
The children were asked to give the name of the study group. They have proposed several names. Among which the children decided unanimously to have GURUKULAM KINGDOM.

Sports Day 2014-2015

Sports Day was conducted with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm from the students :)

Volunteers from KPMG helped make the event a grand success.... Thank you KPMG for your support :-)

Report by Vice-Principal:



Annual School Sports meet was conducted on Saturday, 21.02.2015 from 9am to 3pm.

The ground was cleaned and marked with Calcium oxide according to different athletic events. A good audio system was arranged. 

The Annual Sports Meet was inaugurated by Chief Guest and Trustee Mrs.Sumathi. The Children sang the prayer song, followed by a spectacular March Past by four houses led by the captains of the respective houses. Blue house was led by the Team Captain Karan of 9th std, followed by Red house led by Anand of 8th std, followed by Green house led by Imran of 9th std and finally followed Yellow house led by Riyas of 9th Std. The Chief Guest was then honoured with a grand salutation. The Chief Guest then hoisted the National Flag and the children sang Flag song and National Anthem.

The MC gave call for all the athletes for lighting the Olympic Torch. Last year’s champion Sameer was at the starting point. The Chief Guest lit the Olympic torch and Sameer then ran a short distance and handed it over to Sandiya of Blue house and followed by Thanapriya of Green house and finally Prgadeesh of Yellow house. While all these athletes were running with the Torch, their achievements in sports were read out and all the audience honoured the athletes by giving them a big round of applause. 

Volunteers from KPMG stayed through out the event and helped make it a grand success.


6, 7 AND 8 boys:

Event one: 100 Mts Running:
I place: Anand of Red House
II Place: Arunkumar of Green House
III Place: Muthamil of Blue House
Event Two: Shot-put:
I Place: Anand of Red House
II Place: Arun Kumar of Green House
III place: Sanjay of Yellow House

Event Three: Standing Broad Jump:
I Place: Arunkumar of Green House
II Place: Anand of Red House
III place: Mansur of Red House

6, 7 and 8 Girls events:

 Event one: 100mts Running
I Place: Fahima of Yellow House
II Place:  Pavithra of Blue House
III place: Sweatha of Read House
Event Two: Cricket Ball Throw:
I Place: Sandiya of Blue House
II Place: Sweatha of Red House
III place: Aarthi of Red House
Event Three:  Standing Broad Jump
I Place: Shilpa of Red House
II Place:  Sandiya of Blue House
III place: Pavithra of Green House

9 and 10 Boys:

Event one: 100 mts Running
I Place: Rakesh of Blue House
II Place: Sameer of Red House
III place: Kadar of Green House
Event Two: Shot-Put
I Place: Sameer of Red House
II Place: Rakesh of Blue House
III place: Harishankar of Red House

Event three: Javelin Throw:
I Place: Sameer of Red House
II Place: Harishankar of Red House
III Place: Tharik of Blue House

9 and 10 Girls:

Event one: 100mts Running:
I Place: janaki of Blue House
II Place: Saira of Green House
III place:  Fahima of yellow House
Event two: Shot-Put
I Place: Saira of Green House
II Place: Tamilselvi of Green House
III place: Shalini of Red House
Event Three: Cricket Ball throwing:
I Place: Saira of Green House
II Place: Yasmin of Blue House
III place: Nadiya of Yellow House

The following children were awarded Individual Championship:

6, 7 and 8:

Boys: Anand of Red House
Girls: Sweatha of Red House
9 and 10:
Boys: Sameer of Red House
Girls: Saira of Green House

Games events conducted between four Houses:
1.       Girls Throw Ball:
Winners: Blue House
Runners: Green House
2.       Girls Kho-Kho
Winners: Red House
Runners: Blue House
3.       Boys Volley Ball:
Winners: Green House
Runners: Yellow House
4.       Boys Cricket:
Winners: Green House
Runners: Red House

After all the events were over the children were provided a special lunch. 

PT teacher, Mr. Sathyanarayanan and VP calculated the points/scores taken by each house including points for March past (Marks given By Principal)

According to points scored the overall Championship goes to Red House.
Red House scored 232 points out of 320
Green House: 201
Blue House: 192
Yellow House: 101

Volunteers form KPMG came forward and helped to make the function a grand success. Nearly 10 members came from KPMG they were with us till 2pm.

Finally our children from class 5 to 10 gave a spectacular event in Pyramids and Gymnastic. This item really won the appreciation of all the students and teachers.