Sunday, September 18, 2011

A trip to the Planetarium and Library

Class 4 and 5 had a field trip on the 26th Aug. Here is a description by the class teacher:

ass 4 and 5 went for a one day trip to Anna library and Birla planetarium. The Students and teachers gathered at Panaiyur and started at 8.45 am sharp on 26-8-2011, by our school bus. We reached the library first and visited all the floors. Students were very happy and excited on seeing the building, and the beauty of Chennai from the top floor. Then we moved to the Children's section and they all got excited again when they saw the many story books, atlas and games. We left for the Planetarium by 11.30 am and went first to the show, all the students were fascinated and listened to the show carefully, then we went to the 3D show and to lunch, then to the science world and finally to the park. We left from there by 3.15 PM and reached home safely. We enjoyed a lot.  - Class 4 teacher."

Less than Ordinary Trip

Carol Lee, who has been supporting Gurukulam for a very long time visited our school. Her experience in her own words:

"Above all, my best wishes to all in Gurukulam, Trust Children School. 

It has been my pleasure to meet the children, teachers during the school visit on Aug 20th.  I have had a hilarious and unforgettable experience, with fun, laughter, sharing with the children and learning to understanding the needs of our little friends' progression at Gurukulam.  Their excitement, energy, happiness and warmth are so inspiring and touching.  Having watched of their karate practise in the early morning in which they demonstrated it with full enthusiasm, we shared a lively conversation in a number of interesting topics from sports to martial arts, geography and cultural exchanges.  

Over all, the most impressive part of Gurukulam is children's achievement in their UNSW assessment in Mathematics where they have achieved High Distinction and Distinction.  And, they were happily rewarded for this achievement. Children, your great results has shown that the standard of your mathematics is similar to that of Singapore's students from topnotch schools.  Nonetheless, in very near future there will be potential mathematicians from Gurukulam with the credit of this wonderful achievement going to the teachers who had made this possible through their contribution.  Three cheers to all of you!

On the other hand,  the extraordinary cum multitude contrasting schooling environment from home has reminded me of how fortunate our children in Singapore are having all the great facilities and the opportunities to attend school. Our children at home should spare a thought for the less fortunate and appreciate more what has been provided for them by the Government, community or family. 
Last but not least, I would highly recommend everyone's participation to help grow and evolve Gurukulam, for all economically under-privileged children, for a better future, which is the point of me being here in the first place.

Warmest regards,
Carol LEE"