Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Reopens "Opening Day 2nd Term 2009"

Welcome Back Students!!
Our day started out extra special, with Mr. Venkatesh Sankar donating a wonderful Breakfast for all our children, to honor his daughters Birthday and Word of Life Church in Chennai, donating the "yummy" cake for the event!

The next part of our day was all fun and games! LKG played "breaking the balloon", UKG played "Musical Chairs" 1st Grade played "passing the balloon" 3rd Grade played "relay stone race" 4th Grade played "3 legged race" and 5th Grade played " Don't break the water balloon toss race"

We ended the day with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade playing a cricket game.
Watch out IPL - we have some pretty talented players here!!!!

We had blast, and the teachers enjoyed the events as well!

A "BIG" thank you to all our sponsors for this wonderful day.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Coastal Clean up along with the Coast Guard

This year again we have joined the Coast Guard to clean up our beaches...

Our children did a great job along with Capt Shanbhag and Mr Pervez, our English teacher, in cleaning the debris.

Dr Mythili Ravishankar visits Gurukulam

Dr Mythili Ravishankar spent time with our children and school...

In her own words about her visit "
Children of Gurukulam all dressed in neat attire ,quickly and efficiently assembled at the school premises for the morning prayer. I (Dr Mythili) felt the morning so beautiful as the children welcomed unanimously with a "sweet good morning madam" !! Then followed the prayer and the session ended with a small story with moral by Dr Mythili.

" I spent time in the 4th class during the science period. Children were very interactive and and were able to differentiate between herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous species.... it was soo very satisfying to see the children progress in academics.

In standard 5, children were able to solve sums like LCM and HCF fairly well...have understood the concept of the problem well.
Last 10 mins I had a memory game which can help improve the ability to focus and strengthen the retaining capacity..... wherein all the children in the class participated with great enthusiasm and won prizes and gifts .
I was amazed to see the perfect answers by most of the children. As I took leave from the classroom I mentioned to them the next time they will have a tougher game Ok children....there came a prompt response from all children " Yes, madam WE WILL DO IT "....that is the spirit of Gurukulam children !!!

Later had an opportunity to witness their knowledge in social science classes...they had gained knowledge on Mauriyan empire, Ashoka empire, about Nelson Mandelaa.. just to name a few areas.

It was a very fulfilling day for me as I joined the children during their lunch break where nutricous food was serverd to all the children .

It was interesting to see the creative,visual and application based teachings by the Gurukulam teachers.Well done !!

Dr Mythili Ravishankar

.......It was wonderful having Mythili here. She along with her family have sponsored an entire Classroom :-)

Our school and children Thank her in all their happiness... God Bless.