Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sponsorship Needs 2013-2014

Gurukulam School currently has 212 children from LKG to IX Grade for the academic year 2013-2014. We request for your kind support to meet the needs of our School and children through various sponsorship options as mentioned below.

100% of your donations directly reach the children. All the administrative expenses are borne by Trust Children’s committee members and trustees.

*The conversion table below from INR to USD, GBP, Euro and SGD was based as per the average exchange rate in Nov 2013. Please feel free to convert INR into the respective currency at the time of donation.

Type of Donation
Donation Amount Required (2013 - 2014)
Indian Rupees
US Dollars
British Pounds
Singapore Dollars
Annual Education & Meal Sponsorship per Child
 INR 15,500
 $ 260
 £ 165
 € 195
 SGD 325
Text Books
 INR 66,000
 $  1,107
 £ 703
 € 830
 SGD 1,384
Note Books and Stationery
 INR 30,000
 $ 503
 £ 319
 € 377
 SGD 629
Water Purifier
 INR 20,000
 $ 335
 £ 213
 € 252
 SGD 419
Window Curtains and Blinds
 INR 10,000
 $ 168
 £ 106
 € 126
 SGD 210
Stainless Steel Plates and Cups
 INR 10,000
 $ 168
 £ 106
 € 126
 SGD 210
Sports Kit and Playground Equipment
 INR 250,000
 $ 4,194
 £ 2,661
 € 3,145
 SGD 5,242
Staircase from 1st Floor to Ground x 2  Sides
 INR 220,000
 $ 3,690
 £ 2,342
 € 2,768
 SGD 4,613
Compound Wall - East
 INR 430,000
 $ 7,213
 £ 4,577
 € 5,410
 SGD 9,016
Compound Wall - North
 INR 660,000
 $ 11,071
 £ 7,026
 € 8,303
 SGD 13,839
Compound Wall - West
 INR 160,000
 $ 2,684
 £ 1,703
 € 2,013
 SGD 3,355
Compound Wall - South
 INR 550,000
 $ 9,226
 £ 5,855
 € 6,919
 SGD 11,532
Painting of the Entire School
 INR 350,000
 $ 5,871
 £ 3,726
 € 4,403
 SGD 7,339

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A New Kitchen

Gurukulam's Own Kitchen :-)

On the 9th Nov 2013, our newly built Kitchen was dedicated...

Ms Sabita (Advisory Board Member), Mr Nathan (Advisory Board Member), Mrs Shakila (Principal), Mohammed (Vice-Principal) along with staff members dedicated the kitchen to service.

Thanks to "Gurukulam Inc USA"  for the wonderful new kitchen :-)

The school plans to start cooking wholesome, healthy and hygienic food from January 2014.

We welcome Rice, Dal, Vegetables etc., as donations for our children's meals.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

SILC, USA raises funds for Gurukulam School

We are very excited to share the news that School of India from Languages and Culture (SILC) at St. Paul, MN organized a successful fund raiser called "United Through Dance" on October 12, 2013 for Gurukulam School. It was indeed very touching to see the support and encouragement of the entire SILC community for our children.

The program "United Through Dance" was a culmination of a year long effort by SILC students of "Special Achievements Projects (SAP)" - Tarunika Anand, Anushka Mankunath, and Danielle Raikar, led by their coach and mentor, Siva Jasthi. It all started in 2012, when Tarunika Anand visited Gurukulam School in Chennai and became passionate about helping the Gurukulam children.

We sincerely thank Tarunika, Anushka, Danielle, their parents, and the SILC Board Members, Shiv Bhatia, Siva Jasthi, Sunita Mannamkunnath, and Manju Nayar, among others, and all the dance groups for their hard work and commitment to make this fund raising event a huge success!

The funds raised at the event helped sponsor the annual cost of education and meals for 14 children at Gurukulam School. The Trust Children Executive Committee and Trustees are grateful to all the organizers and donors to make a significant difference to the School.

Please find below the videos of all the 12 dance groups that performed for the fund raiser.
(Click on the title to view the video)

This is an invocation dance to receive Natesh's blessings and begin the program on an auspicious note.

2. Minessota Dance Theater - Wawshishijay
"Wawshishijay" means "Our Beginning". The piece is built from classic modern dance technique.

Gujju Twist is a youth group that performs Gujarati and Bollywood dances all over the Twin Cities. Tonight's performance is a medley of various 1960's Bollywood hits.

The dance is about a group of Miao girls who come to play along the creek of Blossom in early morning. They are melted by Mother Nature's beauty and dance freely along the small creek.

5. Ballet MN - Rite of Spring
The section you are seeing is the beginning of the ballet. This is about an ancient culture that sacrifices a young girl each spring to ensure a good harvest in the Fall.

This dance is from China's Yi Ethnic group. Three friends enjoy a summer's day - running, laughing and teasing each other. Let's watch them as they play an amusing game.

Bhama Kalapam is one of the most famous Kuchipudi items. This dance is of a mercurial nature that shows bravery, wit, haughtiness, love, and intelligence.

BFMA will be presenting a potpourri of folk dances.

This dance piece is to an African song called "The Thing". The style of African dance performed to this song is called Azonto (which is the newest style of modern African dance)

SILC ladies present a Bengali folk dance. Graceful movements accompanied by soothing music are the highlights of this dance.

GDDCMN will present a token of Colombian Folklore by performing a dance from the Atlantic region that combines Cumbia and Mapale in one song known as Chemapale. 

12. SILC Teens - Chunari Chunari/ Marjaani
Bollywood dance by the youth of SILC. Energetic movements and toe tapping music are the hallmarks of this performance. 

In addition to the above videos, please feel free to see other videos of the event below.

Thank you again everybody for your support and for making this event a huge success!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Parents Teachers Meet - Oct 2013

The Parents Teachers Meet was conducted on the 5th Oct 2013.

Parents, teachers, students and the Advisory Board Members joined together in discussing the progress of students.

It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm in the parents to join in and contribute to the discussions. 

Mrs Shakila, Principal and Mr Mohammed, Vice-Principal exhorted the parents to be more pro-active. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


During a recent visit to school, I had a chat with the students of class IX exhorting them to make the best use of our school....

And it was a pleasant surprise when the children wrote back with their thoughts...

Seminar by Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail

Gurukulam school organised a seminar on 7th September for its students to educate them on the importance of conserving Natural resources and living in harmony with Nature.

Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail, eminent scientist was the resource person. Dr Ismail enthralled the children with demonstrations and video clippings. He advised the children to save the Earth and serve the Nation by Leading an Environment friendly Life.  Students were excited and vowed to save and safeguard The Earth.

- Principal