Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hooray, Hooray its Children's Day! Lots of Fun for everyone, HOORAY!

Well it's that time of year! To celebrate all the children in India, and to thank them for being KIDS!
This year at Gurukulam it was decided that we would let the children, sit back, relax, and put their feet up to enjoy a program of laughter and fun from their teachers! The program had - skits, songs, dances, and a fashion show. The lady teachers were hoping to grab the trophy for the fashion show, but it was stolen by Mr. Solomon. He dressed up as both Mr. and Mrs. Solomon. Since our children were the judges, he won!!! LOL
Let me tell you, we had the children laughing so much!
Great job to all the staff at Gurukulam for making Children's day sooooo much fun for the kids.

How to make a bridge!

Children of Class 3 were learning about bridges, and how bridges were built in their Science Class.

I asked the children why this class was so much fun, and they responded back; Mr. Solomon lets us experiment and lets us bring what we read in the text book come to life. He's a lot of fun! We love science!

Way to go Mr. Solomon! Excellent job kids!!!! : ) : )