Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year- and Welcome Back Students!!

Welcome Back Students, Teachers and Staff of Gurukulam! Well we are back for an awesome 2010 3rd Term. Our children performed so well in the last term, we expect nothing less, then perfect scores for the 3rd term. We started out with a our normal routine of prayer, songs, and hoisting the flag. Then the children wished all the staff and fellow students "Good Morning" and " Happy New Year"! Then the students with their " Brand New Uniforms" were off for fun and games. The children played, cricket, ball toss, and musical boxes. Then we stuffed ourselves silly with yummy cake! Then we had lunch! LOL.... we couldn't wait to eat the cake after lunch... hehehe. The rest of the afternoon was for studies! But the children were super happy to be back at school!