Saturday, October 22, 2022

Fancy Dress Programme for the Kidergarteners

 20th Oct 2022

Fancy dress programme allows the children to interact with other children, it helps them to learn how to overcome stage fear and gain the courage to face the audience. Gives an opportunity to be recognized. Motivates them to develop their creative skills.  

Our kindergarten students selected a theme about Wild animals. Their parents helped dress them up. The children came on the stage, overcame their shyness and shared their thoughts. 

Primary students selected a theme about - People Who Help Us - they dressed up with various people those who help us (ie) doctor, policeman, teacher, dancer, IAS officer etc., 

The programme was an energy booster for the entire team. Everyone enjoyed themselves throughout the session with a wide round applause from the parents.

World Students’ Day Celebration

15th Oct 2022

October 15 is celebrated as World Students’ Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Aerospace scientist and former President of India.

The day is marked to acknowledge his efforts toward students and education.       

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was himself a dedicated student all his life with a deep passion towards learning.

Dr Kalam believed that students are the future and that the country can attain heights of success with their progressive minds. He laid emphasis on providing a vision for life for students and inculcating fundamental values which one must practice throughout their life.

Dr Kalam always believed that students are the future, and they possess the progressive minds that would take our country and the world forward to new heights of success.

Despite being a great scientist, Dr Kalam identified himself more in the role of a teacher. He preached that teachers are the builders of society as they are responsible for making the students proficient in their respective fields.
He always stressed on providing a vision for their life to students and inculcating the fundamental values of life, which every student should practice throughout life.
To mark a remembrance on the special day students of Gurukulam, right from KG - XII took active participation and gave wonderful and thought provoking speeches,  to honour the contributions of the renowned scientist to the nation, especially in the field of education and research. The World Students' day was celebrated in a great manner.


House Visits - Pre Admission

 Pre-Admission house visits by our teachers:

Gurukulam extend their support for the students those who are really in a pathetic condition of their life and the children those who economically backward.  We  initiate the house visit to identify the need of every potential student where they do not have an opportunity to continue their studies with a good environment.  We as a team go and analyse the condition of the student and their family before we give the admission for the needy.  

Every child needs our love and affection to continue their studies, their living condition shows that they are unable to meet the definite need of every day.  

Economic disadvantage affects children on several levels, including physical, social-emotional and cognitive. “The stresses of poverty lead to impaired learning ability in children from impoverished backgrounds.”

Poor emotional health, caused by the lack of parental support, may cause an increase in disruptive behaviour in the classroom.  Chronic stressors will cause students to underperform in school and either give up or become disinterested in their school work . House visits gives us a clear idea before we extend the free education for the students.

Silambam World Record Attempt

 26th June 2022

Silambam - a tradition martial art of Tamil Nadu (stick fighting) 

Our students participated in the awareness program conducted by "Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom". Minash of Grade 3 has been featured in the Asia book of records towards his participation. 

As reported by our teacher:

Our student Minash of Grade III has taken active participation during the Silambam 2000 organised by Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom - Social Welfare Association, to create a Record in the Asia Book of Records.  Minash participated and secured his record in the Asia Book of Records.

Inter-school Quiz Competition by MMRT3


Madras Mylapore Round Table 3 organised a quiz competition for our students.

Our school children secured the "Runner-Up" among the 10 participating schools. 

As reported by our teacher:

MMRT3 organised a quiz competition for the students from Grade VIII - X on 12th October 2022 at Amir Mahal, Royapettah. 

There were 10 schools which participated in the competition and our school secured the 1st Runner Up .  The aim  is to encourage the students  to get exposure and to compete with their peer group.  

In general we say that a Quiz programme is  a "Quick Uniform Intelligence Zone",   to test the memory, knowledge, agility, or luck of persons or to contrive a competition among the students for merchandise or cash awards.  

Quizzes encourage pupils' self awareness of progress and self assessment. By taking quizzes, students get instant feedback on their responses and this can help them identify areas they need to develop themselves and highlight progress for them to be proud of.  

The Objective behind to organize Quiz competition is to evaluate the knowledge of the participants within academics as well as beyond academics and to make them familiar with the prospects of quizzes and the objectivity of the questions.

Our students team : Vishnu, Nazrulla & Gautham of Grade X,  Madhumitha & Riyas of Grade IX,  Gunalan & Shobia  of Grade VIII participated during the quiz programme.

On behalf of Management the students have been appreciated during the Assembly.

Parents Teacher Meet

28th Sept 2022

Parents Teachers meeting was conducted at school. As always, it was interactive with parents communicating their joy, challenges etc in bringing up their children. 

And how we can mould them to bring out their full potential together.

Thoughts from our teacher below:

Teachers know who their students are, they’ll be able to make good decisions about how and what to teach them. By communicating with parents, teachers collect information about each child’s interests, learning style, and needs that will help them effectively reach those children.

It Makes the School Environment Safer and the Communication with parents about their children’s behavior in school helps teachers to understand why students act   and how they can react appropriately. Parents who participate in schools feel more invested in them as well, which can lead them to be more involved and committed even when their children aren’t in school.

Parents should be involved in the education of their kids at all stages, not just when a problem arises. Through parent teacher meetings, teachers can spot potential issues and they can also collect data about each student, which makes it easier to help individual kids. 

Parent-teacher meetings can encourage students to improve their behavior and academic performance because they know that teachers are watching them and communicating with their parents. Parents who have a chance to discuss the progress of their children with teachers feel more invested in their education and are more likely to help them improve.

It Can Make a Bad Situation Better, Teachers often have to deal with behavior problems, social issues, mental health concerns, and a variety of other problems that arise from their students’ home lives. When teachers talk to the parents in an effort to resolve issues , they are often able to help the students and affect positive change in their lives with the parent-teacher meetings.

The parent-teacher meetings are necessary for the early years when a child’s learning and development are most criticalAs the child grows and develops, their communication with teachers about their progress becomes more and more important.

Teachers' Day Celebration at Gurukulam

05th Sept 2022

Teachers Day was celebrated with enthusiasm! Our children showed their appreciation towards our teachers by having several cultural events and games!

As reported by our teacher:

Teachers have been acclaimed for their selfless service all around the world from the beginning of time. They have been considered as makers of a nation. Teachers take care of the children since the formative years of a child determine the kind of person he or she would grow up to be, and this is mostly in the hands of their teachers. 

A teacher is the building block on which a society is built. The responsibility of a teacher is huge as they perform the job of shaping intellectual and creative minds who turn out to be the future of society. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s opinion, “Teachers should be the best minds in the country”. Celebrated in his honour, Teachers’ day turns out to be a day to remember, appreciate, applaud and thank our teachers for providing us intellectual and moral guidance and support.

On Teachers’ day, students put up cultural performances and conducted games for teachers. The Institution, on the other hand sponsored a special  refreshment  as a token of their appreciation for the invaluable service they render. Every teacher deserves to be recognized, and a day like Teachers’ day would be the perfect occasion to do so.