Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter!

Construction of Electrical Block for GVTC starts

24th March 2018

Thanks to Macquarie Group Foundation and well wishers from Singapore, construction for the last block for GVTC has started!

It will be wonderful to see the completion of the construction of all the blocks for GVTC!

Junior Conservationist for a Day at the Crocodile Bank

24th March 2018

Class 8 students turned Junior Conservationist for a day at the Crocodile Bank.

This workshop was conducted by the Crocodile Bank to bring in awareness to children on:

  1. Understanding of the connectivity of Nature
  2. Ecology and environmental impact
  3. Behind the scenes with passion and hard work
  4. Viable career options
Ms Anjana, Education Officer, from the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust was instrumental in this workshop...while it was thanks to the funding from Mr Natraj and Ms Merlyn that it became a reality! :-)

Report from Mrs Rajeswari Meganathan, our Science teacher who accompanied our children:

About crocodile bank workshop
       We started our trip from school at 9.30a.m and reached the crocodile bank at 10.15am
       Ms.Tanaaz welcomed us and explained about the workshop, introduced the  zoo educator. Mr.Arul and he explained in details about the history of crocodile bank and the nature of activities of their regular routine maintenance of the zoo .
      The Madras Crocodile Bank was started on 26 August 1976 by herpetologist Romulus Whitaker. It was established with the aim of saving three Indian endangered species of crocodile—the marsh or mugger crocodile, the saltwater crocodile, and the gharial,.
          Workshop started at 10.30am. Morning session we have seen crocodiles, tortoise, turtle and snake. Zoo educator explained their life style, food habits and maintenance of the same.
            Refreshment gave at 11.30am,After that our students cleaned the part of the zoo and also they learnt the  washing process of tortoise. 
           We had lunch at12.30p.m In the afternoon session he brought samples of crocodile, snake and tortoise and told their beauty of lives.
          They shown how to extract the poison from snakes. Finally PPT demonstration was done about career option in wildlife.
        I was very happy to see our students interacting with the zoo educators and asking many questions regarding the zoo activities.
         We returned to our school by 4.30pm.     

First Batch passes out from GVTC

15th March 2018

The first batch of trainees of Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC), Tailoring and Beautician courses, have passed out with a 100% pass. 

All have scored a high 80% and 90%!!

Kudos to our teachers!

As we had written earlier, 2 of the Beautician course students have already been absorbed in the industry with a handsome salary. 

The Tailoring students have taken up stitching some of the uniforms for our school students as their first commercial enterprise! :-)

This is indeed a historic moment for GVTC!

Videos of the speeches by our first batch students:

NIOS Accreditation for GVTC

09th March 2018

Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC) received the formal accreditation from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). 

It is indeed a proud moment for all of us who have worked towards this goal.

All the students enrolled here will get their course completion certificates from NIOS. 

Gender Equality Workshop by KPMG

10th March 2018

Ms Smruthi Rangarajan along with Ms Achuthan and Ms Madhumeeta from KPMG volunteered to conduct a workshop for classes 7, 8 and 9 on "Gender Equality".

Our loving thanks to all the hands on work from KPMG!

Women's Day Celebrations

08th March 2018

Women's Day was celebrated at school.

Class 5 students came out with performances....all the lady staff were given roses by our children.

Gifts from Singapore

9th Feb 2018

Mrs Laju from Singapore donated Encyclopedias', books and toys for our Library!

Our kids are thrilled!!

Wishes come true!!

9th Feb 2018

KPMG had a wonderful idea!!

They wanted to make the Christmas wish of Class 3 come true!!!

And yes...they did!

It was SO BEAUTIFUL to see the children's faces light up with this unexpected gift! 

Visitors from UK

07th Feb 2018

Mrs Sylvia Howen and Lindsay Swan visited our school from UK.

They were so proud and happy to see their sponsored student Mr Abdul working as our Mathematics teacher!

LKG Admissions 2018-19

Feb/March 2018

The Kindergarten admissions are on!!

Families with an income less than Rs 8000.00 per month (USD 120 per month) came in to register their application.

Teachers helped the parents fill in the applications and went on house visits to ascertain their actual income and eligibility.

The final round of checks and admitting the children to Kindergarten was completed by Sabita, Ana, Sathya, Abdul and myself. 

We have 20 wonderful new faces joining us for 2018-19!