Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Medical Camp by Dr Sheila

March 19-20th 2013

Dr Sheila along with volunteers undertook another medical camp to complete the entire school children's health screening. 

Our loving thanks - as always to Dr Sheila and her team for the selfless work that they undertake every year...

Sports Day - 9th March 2013

 By Vice Principal Mr Mohammed:
"Our School Sports Day was celebrated on March 9th 2013. It was a great enthusiastic and memorable moment. Our students made all possible efforts to exhibit their best performance to make it a memorable day. Our Chief Guest was Mr. Dhamu(Cine-Actor), our Guests of Honour were Mr Yousuf Roshan Madras Mlapore Round Table-3(MMRT-3), Ms. Trupti Sayani-Chairperson, Ladies Circle 4 and Mr. Sameer. Other school Trustees Mrs. & Mr. Vishal, Dr. Mythili Ravishankar, Mr. Nathan, guests Mrs. & Mr. Sundar Ms Mitali from UK and our beloved Captain Sir’s Mom.

The program started around 3pm in the afternoon with a prayer song by our students. Welcome address to our Chief Guest Actor Dhamu was given by Dharani and Pragadessh of Class VIII. Flag hoisting was done by our Guest of Honour Mr. Yousuf Roshan. Our house captains accompanied the guest for flag hoisting. Later on the Olympic torch was lit by our guests Mr. Sameer and Mr. Yousuf Roshan with the help of our Physical Education Teacher R. Venkatesan. Alongwith the lighting of the torch our students took the oath for the commencement of the events. Each of our house captains and vice-captains are special in their own areas with loads of talent.

The Olympic events started with the skipping race by the girls of class VI to VIII. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by our honourable captain sir, Mr. NandKumar.

The second event was the Ball throw by the girls of Class VI to VIII, the winners were awarded medals and certificates by our graceful Mam, captain sir’s Mother.

Students and their parents were provided refreshments. Our Chief guest, actor Dhamu delivered an excellent speech to the parents for the improvement of their children. Parents were advised to encourage all the talents of their children. All those present on the sports day event enjoyed the speech well.

The third event being the shot put by the boys of class VI to VIII. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by Mr. Dhamu. It was joyful experience for the students.

The fourth event was a 50m-running race by the boys of class Vi to VIII. The winners were awarded medals and certificates by Dr. Mythili Ravishankar-Trustee.

The fifth event was rolling the ball by the students of class IV to V which was conducted on the house basis. The green house and yellow house were the close competitors in many live events.

The sixth event was passing the ball by the students of class IV and V which was also conducted on the house basis. Yellow house were the winners of this event.

Later on the demonstration of Yoga and Karate was done. Students who participated were awarded certificates and a great applause from the spectators.

The next performance was the building of pyramid by our students from class VI to VIII. The overall performance of our students was appreciated by all our guests. Students were awarded participation certificates by Mr. Dhamu.

The last event was the mind blowing one for everyone present that day. It was the event of gymnastics with a rhythmic music. The students gave an excellent performance which was liked by all those present. All this was possible because of our physical education teacher Mr. Venkatesan and his friends.

Finally prize distribution was done for the winners and runners of cricket match conducted already. The runners being the green house were awarded certificates and trophies by Dr. Mythili Ravishankar. The winners were yellow house and Mr. Nathan awarded the certificates and medals.

At the end of the prize distribution ceremony, trophy for the overall performance for the whole year was given to the Green House. The green house captain Sameer along with his team-mates and teachers received the trophy from our Captain Sir, Mr. Nand Kumar.

The sports meet of 2012-13 ended with vote of thanks by our P.Ed. teacher Mr. Venkatesan. National anthem was sung and students dispersed at around 7pm in the evening.

It can be concluded saying that our students made all possible efforts to make the whole event interesting and appreciable. Especially the gymnastics was more appreciated by one and all."

Monday, March 11, 2013

MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4 donate 2 more classrooms

MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4 have once again come forward to support Gurukulam :-)

Our Loving Thanks to the team members of MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4 who have year after year supported the growth of our children.

Bhoomi Pooja was conducted on the 9th March 2013 towards construction of 2 more class rooms by 
Mr Yusuf - Chairman MMRT3
Ms Trupti Sayani - Chairperson Ladies Circle 4
and team member 
along with the team members of Gurukulam.