Friday, June 15, 2012

New Classroom Opening

Our New Classrooms:
Classroom "Pine" dedicated to "Gurukulam-USA" and "Gurukulam-UK"
Classroom "Peepal" dedicated to Mr A Ramachandran and
Mr S Narayanan

Classroom "Gulmohar" dedicated to Mehar Singh.

On the 9th June 2012, 3 new classrooms were opened with loving thanks to the Donors.

It was a joyful occasion, with the children engaging us with their scintillating dancing and martial arts.
"Pine" being opened by Dr Mythili

"Peepal" being opened by Mr Victor Kalimuthu

"Gulmohar" being opened by Mrs Nirmala Palaniswamy.

Dance by the 8th std girls.

Yoga demonstration.

"Round house kick" demo by Shameer of 8th std.

"Kata" by Pragadeesh of 8th std.

Speech by Mr Victor Kalimuthu, Committee Member.

Speech by Dr Mythili, Committee Member.

Speech by Mr Krishnan, Past Chaiman Rotary Club

Vote of Thanks by our Principal Mr Badhri Narayanan

Tarunika Anand visits the Gurukulam School

Tarunika Anand,a budding school student from Minnesota, USA and a sponsor of one of our children at Gurukulam School visited us in June of 2012 and spent a day interacting with our children. Please find below a few words from Tarunika describing her visit experience.

"Visiting Gurukulam and meeting the children that have been given the opportunity to study there has given me great insight on how a person's life can be changed. I felt inspired seeing that these children in poverty have been given a chance to become successful through Gurukulam's free education. The children I met were so sweet and eager to talk to me, telling me what they do in their spare time and what they wish to be when they grow up. They were not shy around me, even though I was an outsider to them, and loved talking to me and showing all their talents. Some gave me drawings to take home and some sang songs to me. It put a smile on my face to watch them sing, and I will always keep those cute drawings! They were all very respectful, as I got a few, "Good morning Ma'm"s, and eager to go to school every day to learn new things. I am grateful for this experience, for meeting the bright children, the caring teachers, and the principal, Mr. Badri Narayan. I can't wait to come to India and visit them again!"

We thank Tarunika and her parents for taking the time to visit our School and for encouraging our children. We truly appreciate the passion and vision that students like Tarunika have for helping the underprivileged and we hope that it fuels and inspires many more young students to make a difference.