Sunday, June 26, 2016

World Yoga Day

21st June 2016

Our school celebrated the World Yoga Day. 

Children along with the yoga teacher performed several asanas for staff, students and visiting guests.

This was also included as a supplementary activity for ISA.

100% pass in the 10th standard (2015-16) batch

Wonderful news from the 10th standard! 

We have had a 100% pass from this batch at the NIOS exams!

Join me in congratulating them on their wonderful results!!

Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC)

Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC), is a concept today. It needs your help to become a reality!

We started the concept of Gurukulam, to provide free education to underprivileged children. Today, we have done well, thanks to your support!

Our first batch of 10th standard children (2014-15) passed out, with 93% getting first class, under the NIOS board. 

2015-16 we had a 100% pass in the 10th standard. 

2015-16 saw Gurukulam adjudged a “Golden School” by the Indian Talent Exam Board. We were within the best 100 schools in the State, with over 6 Gold medals. 

2015-16 also saw our children shine in the National Science Olympiads, with an International rank of 11 by our student in the English Olympiad.

 To complete the concept, we propose to start Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC) that will enable the child to stand on his/her own legs! 

We need your support to make this a reality.

We propose to teach skills in Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Cooking, Sewing. We should be partnering with a well-known chain of beauty clinics to start a “beautician course”. 

We would like your support to start GVTC.

GVTC requirements:

5 Class rooms @ Rs 900,000.00  =  Rs 4,500,000.00
Staircase                                       =  Rs 500,000.00
Materials and running cost          =  Rs 3,500,000.00

Do join us in making this a reality for the children. 

Selvam donates "ties and belts" for our children

Selvam has donated ties and belts for the entire school to spruce up our existing uniforms!

His thoughts towards making this contribution - smarter uniforms would lead the children towards better self esteem and better discipline!

Look at our children now! :-)

Selvam volunteering time during house visits for LKG admissions

With new ties and belts :-)

Teaching Assistants from UK! by British Council and KPMG

British Council has agreed to send 4 teaching assistants from UK to our school from July to December.

KPMG is sponsoring the cost of this programme! Thank you once again KPMG :-)

The teaching assistants are Olivia Ball, Amy Meadows, Rebecca Neill and Christopher Roberts. 

More about this, once they start in July.

Brief Outline of activities that will be undertaken by the Teaching Assistants:

1.       Contribute towards better English at school - both spoken and written.

2.       Share and explore cultural differences and similarities of UK and India with students.

3.       Explore areas to make learning more interesting at the primary level.

4.       Check and explore improvements on teaching aids used.

5.       Mutual Sharing of teaching strategies.

6.       Share each other's cultural values (manners and etiquettes).

7.       Contribute to teachers', by improving and improvising on current lesson plans.

8.       Contribute to Literary Club's Theater Workshop.

Literary Clubs for this academic year

June 2016

Our literary clubs started with gusto for this academic year.

English and Tamil story telling sessions with moral values in progress...

LKG Admissions 2016-17

13 June 2016

We have a new batch of lovely children at Gurukulam!

Smiling and ready to start their lives at our school....

They have started the day at school with fun and games!

Let's welcome them to a lifetime of learning with us!! :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

KPMG's plan to make Gurukulam go "SOLAR"

KPMG has wonderful plans for Gurukulam!

The entire school will be powered by solar energy! 

The school sees a power cut of almost 3 to 4 hours everyday with power from EB. The voltage fluctuation is so much that it affects all our electrical equipment. 

KPMG came up with a solution - Solar Energy!

We are probably the first school in the whole neighbourhood to shift completely to solar energy.

Thank you KPMG team :-)

KPMG volunteers brighten the school with their colourful work!

28th May 2016

The new academic year starts on a brighter note!

Volunteers from KPMG made the school brighter by painting all the desks and chairs of our students!

From all the children and staff of Gurukulam - a heartfelt BIG Thank You!!!