Saturday, May 28, 2022

Dharini - A story of hard work and success!

 28th May 2022

This is the amazing story of Dharini, our student, the daughter of a fisherman who has worked hard and used the support she received from Gurukulam, her teachers, sponsors and the Anitha Ram scholarship to graduate in B.Sc., Medical Biotechnology. 

Dharini joined us as a child in 2004 in Kindergarten. 

A happy child, she had one of the brightest happiest smiles I have ever seen.

She excelled in dancing and karate, apart from studies. She won many prizes including UNSW (Australia) - Distinction in Maths

3rd in Kumite - All India Karate Open Championship 

2nd in Kumite - South India Karate Tournament   

She was the school topper in the 12th standard. She was then selected for the Anitha Ram Scholarship   and went on to graduate in 1st class in Medical Biotechnology. She now works as a Consultant Technician for treating vertigo patients in Chennai.

Along with Dharini, the entire Trust Children management team expresses heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Mohan who established the "Anitha Ram Scholarship" in memory of his late wife, Anitha Babushekar. It is through this scholarship, Ramki supported Dharini's entire college education and helped her realize her dreams. 

The Trust Children management also thanks each and every one who support Gurukulam and has made this dream a reality. And a special thanks to the sponsor who supported Dharini through her 14 years at Gurukulam. 

Dharini with her father - proud moment indeed!

Dharini is on the 3rd bench with a blue dress in 2004

Dharini - pink shirt and blue pinnafore

Dharini, second bench, 2nd child from left

Dharini - 1st girl from right

Dharini - last girl , first row, in a violet dress

Dharini - last girl kneeling on right

Dharini - 2nd from left, first row

Receiving the Anitha Ram Scholarship

12th standard farewell day