Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy New Year :-)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year..
Thank you... dear one for making 2009 happy for us...
Thank you for keeping us healthy, caring for us and showing us your love in so many ways...
We pray for your happiness always...Have a Wonderful 2010
All the children of Gurukulam :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We ROCKED the HCL Program

Well Gurukulam Kids did it again! We were invited to give a performance at HCL for their O 2 Annual Day . The children from 4th and 5th Standard rocked the 1000 person awards cermoney by singing and dancing. They sung two songs.- Hi and Ho- We plant trees and Bubblegum.
I was so proud of them. They only had 4 days to practice two songs, and they mastered it on stage! In the beginning, we were not sure if we could do it, but what can I say,,, our kids are just AWESOME!

Mr. Porres of the Community Service Council in HCL, really made us feel part of the HCL family. The children were gifted sweets and the school was given a check for Rs. 15,000/- to be used for outdoor play equipment for Gurukulam.
We were also invited to stay back and watch the program of the staff putting on skits, songs, and dances for their function. Then after that the children stayed back for a super yummy dinner.
As the children were leaving to head home for the night, HCL surprised us with 5 boxes worth of candy to give to the rest of the students at Gurukulam! : )

We would like to thank HCL for letting us come and enjoy your O2 Annual Day. We had a great time!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hooray, Hooray its Children's Day! Lots of Fun for everyone, HOORAY!

Well it's that time of year! To celebrate all the children in India, and to thank them for being KIDS!
This year at Gurukulam it was decided that we would let the children, sit back, relax, and put their feet up to enjoy a program of laughter and fun from their teachers! The program had - skits, songs, dances, and a fashion show. The lady teachers were hoping to grab the trophy for the fashion show, but it was stolen by Mr. Solomon. He dressed up as both Mr. and Mrs. Solomon. Since our children were the judges, he won!!! LOL
Let me tell you, we had the children laughing so much!
Great job to all the staff at Gurukulam for making Children's day sooooo much fun for the kids.

How to make a bridge!

Children of Class 3 were learning about bridges, and how bridges were built in their Science Class.

I asked the children why this class was so much fun, and they responded back; Mr. Solomon lets us experiment and lets us bring what we read in the text book come to life. He's a lot of fun! We love science!

Way to go Mr. Solomon! Excellent job kids!!!! : ) : )

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Woohoo! We completed our 1st term of the 2009-2010 school year, and we are all so excited to tell the parents what's happening in the school and what their children are learning.

Almost all parents came to our first Parent Teacher Meeting.

We started out with a quick introduction of our Teaching Staff and our Non-Teaching Staff. Then we talked about a few agenda items, such as; coming to school on time, curriculum changes, policy reminders and parent involvement.

We ended the meeting with the "Best Parent Award" for each class. We talked about how we picked the best parent and why that parent was chosen. We encouraged all parents to help us out by just reading the daily dairy and asking their children "what did they learn today" . Parents were gifted a Sari, and thanked for all their support!

Then we dismissed the parents, and invited them to their child classroom to see "what's new", and to meet their class teacher.

Overall the day was awesome!'

Way to go Gurukulam Parents!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Reopens "Opening Day 2nd Term 2009"

Welcome Back Students!!
Our day started out extra special, with Mr. Venkatesh Sankar donating a wonderful Breakfast for all our children, to honor his daughters Birthday and Word of Life Church in Chennai, donating the "yummy" cake for the event!

The next part of our day was all fun and games! LKG played "breaking the balloon", UKG played "Musical Chairs" 1st Grade played "passing the balloon" 3rd Grade played "relay stone race" 4th Grade played "3 legged race" and 5th Grade played " Don't break the water balloon toss race"

We ended the day with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade playing a cricket game.
Watch out IPL - we have some pretty talented players here!!!!

We had blast, and the teachers enjoyed the events as well!

A "BIG" thank you to all our sponsors for this wonderful day.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Coastal Clean up along with the Coast Guard

This year again we have joined the Coast Guard to clean up our beaches...

Our children did a great job along with Capt Shanbhag and Mr Pervez, our English teacher, in cleaning the debris.

Dr Mythili Ravishankar visits Gurukulam

Dr Mythili Ravishankar spent time with our children and school...

In her own words about her visit "
Children of Gurukulam all dressed in neat attire ,quickly and efficiently assembled at the school premises for the morning prayer. I (Dr Mythili) felt the morning so beautiful as the children welcomed unanimously with a "sweet good morning madam" !! Then followed the prayer and the session ended with a small story with moral by Dr Mythili.

" I spent time in the 4th class during the science period. Children were very interactive and and were able to differentiate between herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous species.... it was soo very satisfying to see the children progress in academics.

In standard 5, children were able to solve sums like LCM and HCF fairly well...have understood the concept of the problem well.
Last 10 mins I had a memory game which can help improve the ability to focus and strengthen the retaining capacity..... wherein all the children in the class participated with great enthusiasm and won prizes and gifts .
I was amazed to see the perfect answers by most of the children. As I took leave from the classroom I mentioned to them the next time they will have a tougher game Ok children....there came a prompt response from all children " Yes, madam WE WILL DO IT "....that is the spirit of Gurukulam children !!!

Later had an opportunity to witness their knowledge in social science classes...they had gained knowledge on Mauriyan empire, Ashoka empire, about Nelson Mandelaa.. just to name a few areas.

It was a very fulfilling day for me as I joined the children during their lunch break where nutricous food was serverd to all the children .

It was interesting to see the creative,visual and application based teachings by the Gurukulam teachers.Well done !!

Dr Mythili Ravishankar

.......It was wonderful having Mythili here. She along with her family have sponsored an entire Classroom :-)

Our school and children Thank her in all their happiness... God Bless.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Independence Day INDIA!

It's been 60 years since India won their independence, and our children at Gurukulam sure know how to celebrate this day.

It started with a prayer, followed by hosting our Flag with our Chief Guest - Honorable Mr. Justice K. Sampath.
We also honored our sponsors for all their loving financial support. Mr ShanBhag, who donated the teachers' table and chairs for our school. Mrs. Mythili Ravi Shankar who sponsered Visual Aids, and Mr and Mrs Sunil Asher who donated lunch for our kids.

Our children performed dances, skits and songs.
Parents and Guest enjoyed the event and so did the Staff of Gurukulam!
A big thank you to all! : )

Monday, August 17, 2009

Interschool Competitions 2009

We had 5 schools from the neighboring areas come and compete in the Gurukulam Interschool Competitions.

We had 2 events. Math Competition and a Drawing Competition.

Our students of Gurukulam shined in the Math part, taking 1st place.

All the students who participated during this event would be honored at our Independence Day function.
Stay tuned in for pictures of
our next event!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We won them ALL :-)

Sensei Ravikrishnan being felicitated by the Tiruvallur District Karate Association as one of the Seniormost Karate Instructor in India

On the 9th Aug 09 our children swept the prizes in a District level Karate Competition :-) conducted by the Tiruvallur District Karate Association affiliated to the World Karate Federation and All India Karate Do Federation.

They competed with over 300 participants and walked away with most of the prizes...Kudos to Sensei Ravikrishnan and Sensei Murali

The highlight of the day was the First Prize by Pragadeesh of 5th Standard, who with his Orange belt, competed with Black Belts and won it fair and square...

Our Winners:

1. M Pragadeesh - Boys Kata - First

2. M Pragadeesh - Group kata - Third

3. E Anandh - Group kata - Third

4. K Arun kumar - Group kata - Third

5. K Varsha - Girls Kumite - First

6. N Dharani - Girls Kumite - Third

7. K Varsha - Girls kata - First

8. G Dhana Priya - Girls kata - Second

9. N Dharani - Girls Group kata - Third

10. K Varsha - Girls Group kata - Third

11. G Dhanapriya - Girls Group kata - Third

12. K Tharik Anwar - boys Kumite - Third

Friday, August 7, 2009

I wanna be a....... :-)

Video of Farah Begum as a Gypsy Girl.. She stood first in the "Fancy Dress" Competition and also took all our hearts away :-)


Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Bharathiar...

Baby Gypsy...

Policemen :-)

.....We had it all. It was wonderful to see the parents and children come together and create such a memorable "Fancy Dress" Competition

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visit by Vestas

Vestas came in 30 strong and went back 155 strong :-) Mr. Aravind Kaul the MD of Vestas interacted with the children, as they show cased their talents in drawing and coloring. The vision for the event was for children’s creativity to be encouraged and nurtured in and out of school.The interaction between the children and guests was truely amazing!