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Children's Day Celebrations

Children's Day Celebrations - 14th Nov 2012

It was a beautiful day commemorated to our children...

Loads of fun, games, skits and of course a delicious school lunch to top it all up.....

Prayers - to start the day

Skit by teachers

Teachers become students....

Yoga demonstration by our Yoga teacher

Principal's speech


School Lunch sponsored by our teacher Mrs Rajapriya to celebrate her wedding

Teachers Day Celebration

Wednesday the 5th September 2012 had some pleasant surprises in store for teachers at Gurukulam. Students of class VIII had secretly planned a day of celebrations in honour of Teachers’ Day. It was really an enjoyable day of events to be remembered and cherished for long.

In the morning, the students of class VIII had come to school early. Boys quickly changed into colour clothes while girls helped by aunties and Venilla maa’m got into their bright sarees to assume the role of ‘STUDENT-TEACHERS’ for the special day.

The student-teachers conducted Morning Assembly. They presented greetings and gifts to the teachers at the assembly.

 The morning session for all classes from L.K.G to VII was managed by the student-teachers. The principal had made a schedule for them for the entire day going over every minute detail quietly and secretly. The morning session of four periods had academic classes with a snack break. Like how teachers take care of different activities throughout the day at Gurkulam, student-teachers also helped in distribution of snacks during the morning break. The lunch was a special one with a special sweet too in the menu for teachers’ day.
Post lunch session, all class teachers were requested to go to their respective classes during P5, the period right after the lunch break. Each of the class teachers went to their respective classes and had an interaction with their students. This was a very vibrant, active and totally noisy time as each class presented their class teacher with cards, small gifts, sweets and a whole lot of variety performances. This was perhaps one unusual afternoon when the Principal did not mind but encouraged noise in school as it had a voice of love and affection from the little hearts towards the big hearts of the teachers at Gurukulam.
While this was happening students of class 8 were also gearing up for the next event, the variety entertainment for teachers. During P6, all the students assembled in the corridor for this grand event of the day.
With no extra time given for practice and with total secrecy students of class 8 had wrapped up some items that they improvised to put up a very good show of variety performances. Song, song and dance, speech, skit each item showed the magnitude of talent and skills that the ‘first-born’ of Gurukulam have within them.
At the end of the show, Principal thanked class 8 and invited any one member of the staff to come forward and share few thoughts and thank the students. Yoga trainer Shri. Vajiravelu was so spontaneous to forward. He first the students that, “it’s a rare privilege for you to get a day of training at school as aspiring teachers. This is normally given only to those undergoing teacher training to earn a B Ed degree. Now that Gurukulam has done this for you I wish that some of you turn out to become real good teachers in life”. Those were very nice closing thought to end a wonderful day with students.  
The Principal had announced days earlier that the school will close early on 5 Sep’12. Students of classes UKG to VII left for home at 2.00 p.m. At around 2.15 p.m. all the teachers along with the students of class 8 assembled in the computer room for the grand finale. Students of class 8 wanted to have ‘cake-cutting’ as part of the Teachers Day celebrations. Thanks to Mr.Narayanan our builder who came forward to sponsor a cake on hearing the students’ desire. He even added with gifts to each and every member of staff at Gurukulam. As everyone was relishing the cake and gifts, Principal invited every one of the student-teacher to come forward and share his/her experience of the day as teachers. Some points from what they shared as their experiences are as follows:
Pragadeesh : “It is an unforgettable day for me. I enjoyed VI & VII Math period. I salute the teachers who handle class IV each day of the year…couldn’t manage them for one period…as they are naughtier than all others in school”.
Vasanth : “I enjoyed as a teacher for classes I, II & III. The classes were uncontrollable but I managed to teach them about the shapes. Students gave me example of a rectangle as a “briyani parcel”. Next time if I get an opportunity again I would like to be a teacher”.
Ahamed Basha : My experience as a social science teacher along with Sameer was good. I handled class IV to VII and also conducted quiz. Students were given house points which made them happy. I enjoyed class VII as our teachers were also present there.
A.K. Ilyas : “I went to classes I,II& III to teach the students Math and other subjects too. I enjoyed in class I”.
Khader : “We enjoyed the teacher’s day by coming in colour dress and acting like our teachers. The whole day was enjoyable”.
Sameer: “I went to class IV to VII – social science along with Basha. Our first period was with class IV where the students did not allow us to conduct class. They asked us to stop boring them”.
Tharik: “I went to classes I, II & III along with Ilyas. We both had a nice time. Students co-operated well with us. I enjoyed the whole day very much”.
Nashini : “I went to U.K.G along with Varsha for the 1st period. We taught the children a few rhymes and other activities. Children were very noisy but when we gave them balloons they were quiet. I enjoyed the day a lot. I would like to become a teacher in future.
Soundariya : “I was a L.K.G for two periods along with Subashini. We taught some rhymes to the children. They co-operated well. Later we went to the other classes”.
Varsha : “I went to U.K.G along with Nashni in the 1st period. Though I was unable to control the class, I taught the students games and rhymes too. I was an enjoyable day”.
Subhashini : “It was an enjoyable day though I was unable to control the class. I taught them rhymes along with my friend Varsha. I am surprised how the teachers are controlling these naughty children”.
Janaki : “I thank our teachers for giving us this opportunity of teaching the students. My experience with class V was very good. But class IV troubled a lot but they were quiet when are started to play a game. I enjoyed the day”.
Thanapriya: “On the teacher’s day, we were colourful sarees and acted like teachers. In the 1st period, I went to class V with Janaki. It was very nice. In the 2nd period, we went to class IV which was noisy and I taught them Hindi. I was very happy and would like to have one more opportunity to spend as a teacher”.
Dharani : “FIRSTLY I salute all the teachers for teaching us and controlling us. It was really difficult for me to manage half-a-day with them. I am proved of my teachers and thank them a lot. My experience on the teacher’s day was very good. I enjoyed by teaching Tamil to all the classes.”
The whole program was made memorable under the guidance of our principal Mr.Badri Narayanan. All the teachers and students enjoyed the day and the teachers left the school at 3:30 P.M about an hour early than any normal day.

Reported by the teachers of Gurukulam