Friday, June 30, 2017

Beach Cleaning Day

29th June 2017

Our children spent the day as "Beach Cleaning Day" along with Dr Supraja, Chairperson for "Tree Foundations". 

Our teachers, staff and children spent the day cleaning the kovalam beach close to school. This was to bring awareness to our students as well as guide them towards community work.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mr C Rajkumar heads Gurukulam as Principal

29th May 2017

Mr C Rajkumar took over as Principal of Gurukulam.

He holds a Masters in History and Bachelor of Education.

He has a rich background in education having worked in CBSE schools for 8 years before working in Eritrea (N.E Africa) for 7 years under a UN Development programme. 

He also holds a Diploma in Theology & Doctorate in Ministry (USA) and was the Academic Dean 2005-2010 at the International Institute of Chirch Management Inc. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. USA. 

We look forward to his leadership in taking Gurukulam to greater heights. 

Best Disciplined Class

27th June 2017

All classes vied for the Best Disciplined Class of the week.

Class 4 for the Primary School

Class 6 for the Middle School 

Class 11 for the Higher Secondary School

walked away with the prizes.

This weekly award and rolling shield will add up to the Yearly Rolling Shield!

State Topper in the Indian Talent Exam

28th June 2017

Abdul Kaleel has made us proud! He is a State Topper in the Indian Talent Exam for General Knowledge!

Abdul Kaleel's parents Abdul Salam who works as an auto driver and Nasema Banu who is a home maker are all smiles :-)

Last year we achieved the "Golden School Award" and this year we have a State Topper in the Indian Talent Exam.

Our children's achievements are thanks to each one of your support, that has made it possible for them to get such an education :-)

MMRT3 and MMLC4 donate a classroom for GVTC

28th June 2017

Madras Mylapore Round Table 3 (MMRT3) and Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 (MMLC4) supported us by building one more classroom and also helped us with the staircase for Gurukulam Vocational Training Centre (GVTC).

Our loving thanks for the constant support from MMRT3 and MMLC4 over the years! It has been a wonderful journey together...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Gurukulam awarded International Schools Award by British Council


We have been awarded the International Schools Award (ISA) by the British Council.

It has been an interesting journey for the school teachers and students. For one, they interacted with children from schools all over the world.

We had students and teachers from as far away as Svenstaviks School, Sweden coming over to our school and completing a project together with our children!

It has helped our children learn more about the world, children and their thoughts from across the world!

More on the activities at

Activities for the new LKG batch

22nd June 2017

The new batch of LKG is settling down well :-)

Mrs Bhavani, their teacher, has got them engaged in painting and drawing...and it is smiles all around!!! :-)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

GVTC Building Opening 15th June 2017

15th June 2017

A historic moment for "Trust Children"!

Shri P Ravi, the Regional Director of NIOS opened the class rooms for GVTC as our Chief Guest.

Ms Amira Shah Chabbra, Ms Sandra Pereira and Mr Lokesh Karkare from HBS Foundation 


Mr Abhishek Gupta, Chairman MMRT3 and Ms Kavitha, Chairperson MMLC4

were the Guests of Honour.

Mr Selvendran, Second Officer Merchant Navy, and Mr Janakiraman the Head of the Village Panchayat were our Special Guests.

This has been possible, thanks to the generosity of 

Macquarie Group Foundation

Cargill Global Trading India Pvt Ltd.,

All our Well Wishers who contributed financial and "hands-on" help.

The children of Gurukulam put up a lovely dance, yoga and karate program!

All our Guests spoke and shared their thoughts.

Shri P Ravi gave an inspiring speech. He gave us direction to adopt the whole village and make it productive through vocational training! 

As reported in the E paper ChennaScoop: