Monday, April 27, 2009

Teachers day out :-)

It was all fun n games all the way :-)

After a year of hard work, the teachers with their children and spouses joined together to celebrate another successful academic year...

One of the high lights of the evening was a break-dance by Pervez :-) We were enthralled :-) Muthiah did a great imitation of Kannagi... Grace, Kadar, Sampath, Latha and Rahamed sang...Abul had jokes which needed booing :-) Shabana, Shamshad, Ravi danced and so did the kids :-) we definitely have loads of talent in our school :-)

May God bless all teachers - who bring up every generation, and in doing so, bring up the whole society... May God give them the right direction, strength and patience in abundance :-) and God bless you dear reader for helping it happen here...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Parents Meet (UKG to V Std)

The Parents Meet for the parents of our older children went off with our usual gusto :-) It was so heartening to see 90% of the parent strength for the meeting...

The general feeling was one of contentment at the progress their children were making and our care for them. They were so thankful to the donors who were making it happen :-) I wish I could express their love and gratitude to you dear friend... They were so thankful that their children were getting nutritious food and expressed surprise that their children LOVED coming to school rather than stay at home :-) Kudos to our teachers :-) One parent was so happy that Dr Sheela's medical camp had shown a condition that they never knew existed in their child, and were so grateful that it has now been rectified :-) THANK YOU Dr Sheela :-)

As is our custom, all issues were taken up. Some of the self regulations that the parents have taken on by themselves are:

1. Knowing the importance of coming on time to school, the parents have increased the fine on themselves to Rs 25/- from a fine of Rs 5/- for late-comers.
2. They have promised to be role models for the parents whose children have joined this year.
3. The parents trophy for the "Most supportive Parent" was instituted, and a daily mark register for the parent has been started. Till now we have been giving prizes class-wise. Now there is an overall trophy to be won.
4. The parents have volunteered time on weekends to work in the school. Our Vice-Principal has been made in charge of continuing the process.
5. The parents have promised to strictly not take any leave for their children during the term days.

The "Most Supportive Parent" prize was given away for each class. Every Parent has promised to try win it next time :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parents meet

The parents of our new LKG batch attended their first Parent Meet.

It was heartening to see their joy, enthusiasm and support. It was truly wonderful to welcome them to our family.

The tall tale teller ended up saying a story to the parents too....i could see that they were touched by the story... i guess everyone loves a good story :-)

Story Telling

The tall tale teller continued weaving his tales and enthralling our children..... and GUESS? :-)
......the children want to enact the play "Wizard of Oz" :-) :-)

They have already taken the characters they like best and are waiting to make the characters come alive....

We had Mr Kiran, Rotarian Ravindran and Dr Yamini coming in as special guests... the children showed their love by putting up an impromptu performance

...and of course all the story telling and enacting needed cooling off :-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sponsors for February and March 2009

Our loving THANKS to ALL our donors and volunteers always….
& our donors for these 2 months are as below.
  • N Parvez Sajjad
  • Chennai Social Service
  • Umashankar Bhat
  • Vijay Sivaraman
  • M P Shroff
  • The Archibald Campbell
  • Lodge
  • Puneet Siddhu
  • Dr M A Rangachari
  • Rajendran
  • Umashankar Bhat
  • S Jagannatha Rao
  • Meenu
  • R Sivabagiyam
  • Raj Mittal & Roma Mittal
  • Dr. Mahesh Varindani & Bhavana Varindani