Thursday, March 10, 2011

Semester at Sea students volunteer time at Gurukulam

JEFFREY A. KOTTLER, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology, Semester at Sea

along with 20 students volunteered time at Gurukulam. It has been a wonderful time of learning, creativity and fun.

In Prof Jeffrey's words:

I wanted to thank all of you for providing such an amazing experience for our students and staff during our visit to the Trust Children school these past few days. The exchanged between your students, teachers, administrators, and our our group from Semester at Sea were so meaningful. The children were crying when we left yesterday, as were some of our students. Three of our students stayed behind to continue their visit for another day. Everyone was so happy with the generosity, hospitality, and warm welcome that you provided at the school and with the Rotary Club. I know that you have never arranged an extended service trip like this before but I want you to know that I hope it is the first of many such trips in the future.

Although I have spent time in many lower caste schools, and worked with children and teachers for many years, I was SO impressed with the work you are doing. The enthusiasm of the teachers, the warmth of the students, was so inspiring to all of us. I hope that our visit remains a lasting memory for those in your school just as I'm certain it will for all of us.

With warm regards,

Professor of Psychology
Semester at Sea

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Medical Camp

1st March 2011

Kamakshi Memorial Hospital conducted a full fledged medical camp for our children with 6 doctors and 5 para medicals. Ms Poornima was the co-ordinator.

The doctors did a thorough check up of all the children along with their parents and have recommended a few children for further investigation.

Thank you dear Doctors and staff of Kamakshi Memorial Hospital. We are grateful for your loving care...all of us here join together, in saying - Thank you :-)


14th Jan 2011

Pongal or the Harvest festival is very colorful in India.

Our children had a wonderful experience too.

Under Ms Gomathi's, supervision, our children drew colorful pictures and enjoyed a special treat - "Pongal" (which also means - sweetened rice). Art and celebration went hand in hand :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Parents Meet

17th Jan 2011

It is time for the Parent to see their child's progress...

Teachers took time to meet parents individually and chat with them about the progress of their child.

Proud Parents - THANKS to YOU, who is making it possible :-)

Sea Shells Day

11th Jan 2011

Under Shabana, the 2nd Standard children presented their "Sea Shells Day"

Great effort by the kids... it was lovely to see what a 7 year could come up with...

Their presentation received an enthusiastic response from the whole school.

Well done Grade 2 :-)

Rip Van Winkle

16th Dec 2010

All our children from Grade 1 to 6 had a great evening out -

Thanks to Ayesha :-) of the Little Theatre. She treated our children to "Rip Van Winkle" at the Egmore Stadium.

An evening of fun and happiness. The kids just loved it - and so did the teachers :-)

Melba and Sara visit Gurukulam

Nov 2010: Melba and Sara from the UK visited our school and spent a week volunteering time with our children.

They helped our children make beautiful decorations for Christmas. It was a week of art and fun along with studies for our kids :-)

Thank you Mel and Sara. You touched all our children's hearts...

Republic Day 2011

Jan 26th 2011, Dr Mythili Ravishankar unfurled the National Flag at our school.

Our children gave a lovely performance in yoga, karate and dance, to celebrate India's Republic Day.

May our children grow to make us proud....