Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Talented Children

Our children had a colorful Rangoli Day :-)

They are so talented...what started as a Rangoli competition for the 4th 5th and 6th grades on the 4th Nov, ended up as an eye opener for all of us...Our children are very talented :-)

The school house "Tiger" won the competition with their "India" under Ms Hasan

The school house "Whales" came a close runner up with their "Lord Ganesh" under Mrs Grace Lilly.

Mr Ravikrishnan our Committee Member, Mr Murali our Karate instructor and Mr Vajaravelu our Yoga instructor were the judges.

Way to go children... :-)

Parents Teachers Meet

Mrs Shuba Subramaniam our Academic Advisor, Mr Ravikrishnan our Committee Member along with Ms Shabana and Mr Parvez our Vice Principals' conducted the Parents Teachers meet on the 23rd Oct 2010.

The importance of bringing the children on time to school, not being absent unless due to a medical condition, the importance of helping the child with a conducive atmosphere at home were all reiterated.

The parents then had a look at their children's art work and were ALL SMILES :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another BIG Heart :-)

Mrs Meera along with our Academic Advisor Mrs Shuba Subramaniam took a very different class for our children on 23rd Oct 2010.

Mrs Meera joined in as a volunteer and taught the children to make
1) paper bags
and 2) Vegetable salads

...after which all the children enjoyed some delicious salads :-)

Mrs Meera also spoke about the importance of vegetables in the daily diet.

Thank you Mrs Meera :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Children's Day

The program started with a prayer by the girls of class VI

There were a myriad of shows from the teachers and the students…a truly memorable children’s day

Dhanapriya and Pragadeesh of Class VI were the MCs’ for the day

  1. It started with a colourful fancy dress competition – Farah of Class II took everyone’s heart away as “Avvaiyar”. There were a galore of policemen, doctors, engineers and more :-)
  2. UKG sang their rhymes…as cutely as only they can.
  3. Followed by songs from Class IV and V
  4. Mr Abul, our Math teacher came forward with mimicry.
  5. Class II came out with 2 dances…”Alekra” from “Kanthasami” and “ooh lala”
  6. To beat that, class VI came out with “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Millionaire” :-)
  7. Not to be outdone, Rahamath Bhee our caretaker came out with a Tamil song…we are getting to know how talented our staff are!
  8. It gets even better with a Puppet Show from our Yoga Teacher.
  9. Then came a group song by all the teachers with Ms Shabana and Ms Hasan dressed up as school children :-) They literally stole evryone’s heart in the program…
  10. To top the program the teachers put up a dance show! Ms Hasan, Ms Shabana and Ms Sujatha put up a lovely dance together…

Now came the games…truly a happy children’s day :-)

Musical chairs, Blind fold pot breaking, Lucky Dip, Ball in the basket….and on and on. Just loads of fun for the children on Children’s Day.

Kudos to Mr Abul for putting together one of the most memorable evenings...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sanjay Shetty runs the Philadelphia Marathon for Gurukulam Children

Sanjay V Shetty who regularly sponsors the annual education of Mstr. Khadar Hussain, a VI Std. child at Trust Children's Gurukulam School, has taken a big step forward in supporting the entire School by running the Philadelphia Marathon. Like all marathons sanctioned by USA Track & Field, the Philadelphia Marathon is 26.2 miles (42.16 kilometers), and Sanjay will run this stretch on Sunday, November 21st, 2010 urging all his supporters, friends, and fans to support the education for the underprivileged children at Gurukulam School.

The staff and children of Gurukulam School are extremely thankful to Sanjay for representing us and for taking the effort to spread the message. We request all our sponsors, friends, and well wishers to support Sanjay and help him make a difference to the lives of the children at Gurukulam. Below are a few words from Sanjay himself.


I am Sanjay V Shetty and I am running the Philadelphia Marathon on 21st November, 2010 for the underprivileged children at Gurukulam School, a Trust Children Organization.

I strongly believe that each and every child has the right to pursue a life filled with happiness. While education is a critical tool in this life long pursuit, not all children are privileged to get it. Trust Children, with its FREE education, offers this opportunity to underprivileged kids. The Trust has worked hard for many years to bring happiness to over a hundred children and it continues to alter life at an early age in a meaningful way.

Being an investment professional, I believe that Trust Children is an efficient channel for privileged donors to support this cause. Since all administrative costs are borne by Trust Children Trustees and Committee Members, every penny of your contribution reaches the Gurukulam children directly. This makes Trust Children an ideal medium for me to give and help. And I invite you to join me and the hard working team at Trust Children to take this forward.

I am reaching out to invite you all to join me in this worthy cause. Please use the link below to donate to Trust Children via Gurukulam, Inc, a registered non-profit in the United States. Donations to Gurukulam Inc are tax exempt as per section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 100% of the funds received by Gurukulam Inc in the US is transferred to Trust Children.

I greatly appreciate your generosity.

For any additional information, please visit the Trust Children website, or you can also reach me directly at or 215.760.0313.

Best Regards,

Sanjay V. Shetty
Philadephia, USA