Sunday, July 1, 2018


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Toast Masters 2018

29th June 2018

We have our Toast Masters helping our children this year again!

Our loving thanks to Mr Deepsaran and the Toast Masters team! 

This has certainly built up the confidence level in all our children who have passed through this programme...

As reported by Mr Lourduraj, our Social Science teacher:

Brief description of Toastmasters - Day 1 (30/6/18).

# The session began with students introducing themselves.
# An activity of drawing by listening to the instructions given by an  instructor.

#The whole group was paired up, and the children interviewed each other and presented before all in pairs. The best pair was selected and applauded.

# After that, students were selected and assigned various responsibilities.

# The session ended with lunch.

We had four volunteers to facilitate the session.

Smart Class in Gurukulam

26th June 2018

We have 5 classrooms sponsored by Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 towards smart classes.

Our loving thanks to them for making our children's journey through education more qualitative. 

With this we have a TV screen, a CPU along with the topics on an interactive CD to make learning more interesting.

First Day at School 2018-19

11th June 2018

School for the whole school has started...with chocolates flown in from UK with love from Vishal's parents Mrs and Mr Shanti and Narayan Khushalani..

10th, 12th Standard Results 2018

3rd June 2018

The results for our 12th standard is out! 

We have had a wonderful result. We have all our students passing the 12th except for one child. All the rest have done well!!

We are proud of them and wish them the very best in their college admissions. 

We have 2 children who are competing for the VBJ topper of class award. Tamil Selvi and Saira Banu. Saira Banu's chemistry result has been sent for reassessment. 

Once we receive the final marks, we shall know our top scorer. 

The results for the 10th:

We have a 100% pass of all students with K Sanjaykanth topping the class. 

Parents Teachers meeting

April 2018

The Parents Teachers meeting was held before closing school...

The parents were briefed about their children and spent time wth the class teachers.

First Day at School....the new LKG batch 2018

4th June 2018

The school starts for the academic year 2018-19

The LKG batch joined us...and as it was their first step towards an education, the class teacher decided to take a print of all their tiny feets!! and present it to them when they pass out!

Murals for school

5th June 2018

An artist volunteered to make our school colourful....

And she DID! :-) Our loving thanks!

KPMG volunteers paint our classrooms

21st April 2018

KPMG volunteers painted our class rooms to have it ready for the next year!

Our heartfelt thanks to KPMG and its team of volunteers!

Medical camp 2018

13th April 2018

Dr Sheela and her team of doctors did a medical camp for the school.

Our heartfelt thanks to Dr Sheela who has been taking care of our school children the last 14 years from inception!

It has always been heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and concern for our children from Dr Sheela and her team.  

First earning from Tailoring

28th April 2018

The first batch of graduates from our Tailoring Course Programme earned their first salary!

It was a very happy moment!!

A portion of the school uniforms of our children were stitched by the first batch. It was indeed a very well stitched set of uniforms :-) and of course a proud moment for all of us.