Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Independence Day Celebrations with MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4

15th Aug 2015

MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4 joined our school in celebrating the 69th Independence Day.

It was a fun filled day of children in costumes, speeches and singing.

MMRT3 conducted an essay writing competition and awarded prizes for the winners!

Music Teacher

Mr James Nigil has joined our school as the new music teacher...

Our children have been enjoying singing along :-)

Gardening by the 6th and 7th

Aug 2015

The 6th and 7th standard children along with teachers Mr Abdul and Mr Vengadesan helped clean up an area for a garden patch...

International Library Day

12th Aug 2015

Aug 12th was celebrated at school as the International Library Day.

The entire school spent the afternoon after lunch in the library in turns.

By helping the child read for himself, it is indeed a huge step in making him self reliant in understanding his subject.

The older children helped the younger ones :-)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Library Day by KPMG

July 2015

Mrs Cheryl and volunteers from KPMG had a library day at school...

It was an inspiring session by Mrs Cheryl!

It was a day where the children and the volunteers found out about the reading habits of the children. How well, how much and what interests the children!

Our loving thanks to the volunteers from KPMG :-)