Sunday, June 30, 2013

Classroom Inauguration by MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4

Cine Star Shravanthi Sainath of "Life of Pi" fame inaugurated the 2 new class rooms built by MMRT3 and Ladies Circle 4. 

Thanks to all the Tablers and Square Legs of MMRT3 and Circlers of Ladies Circle 4 for coming together to support our children. 

Thanks to Tr Gitesh Agarwal, Area Chairman and Ms Anuradha, Area Chairperson, for gracing the occasion.

Thanks to Mr Yusuf Roshan, Chairman MMRT3 and Ms Trupti Sayani, Chairperson Ladies Circle 4 for hand holding the initiative  to completion :-)

Our loving thanks as always for your continued support which has taken our school from strength to greater strength.

Smart Class

Mr Nathan, our Academic Advisor, taking class for our children:

Apart from helping the school with the curriculum and teacher training, Nathan did a hands on class to demonstrate teaching using the "Smart Board" for our teachers.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Young Volunteers

Meet our 2 young volunteers who have painted our Tiny Tots play area :-)

Nikita and Tina bring in a dash of colour to our campus :-)

Our loving thanks to them...

Tiny Tots for this year

This year we have 20 new LKG students who have joined us :-)

All eager to start their journey with Gurukulam

....the New Academic Year Begins :-)

The academic year begins :-)

Mr Nathan and Mrs Sabita Currimbhoy as Academic Advisors will oversee our Academic programme.

  • Mrs Shakila Johnson has taken over as our Principal. 

She is determined to take the school to greater heights. 

  • Mrs June, our first English teacher has joined us back again :-)
Mrs June has been a part of our school from inception in 2004. She has joined us back again to strengthen our English teaching team.

  • Ms Nesamalar has joined us as our Science teacher. 
Well qualified with an M.Sc B.Ed., and with over 7 years of experience, Ms Nesamalar has joined our Science faculty.

  • Nikita has volunteered a large part of her time with our tiny tots in the Kindergarten. 

Introducing our team:

Mrs Shakila Johnson - Principal

Mr Mohammed - Vice Principal

Mrs Amalini - Associate Administrative Teacher

Mrs Anusya - Associate Administrative Teacher

Mrs Hasan - Associate Administrative Teacher

Ms Shuba - Associate Administrative Teacher


Ms Akthar Majida 

Ms Bhuvaneshwari 

Ms.Grace lily
Ms.Madeena Begum
Mrs June
Mrs Nesamalar
Ms.Shaistha Begum

Mr G Murali - Karate Teacher

Mr Vajaravelu - Yoga Teacher

Non Teaching Staff 

Mrs Meharu

Mrs Basheera

A week before the start of school, our teachers have come in to prepare themselves for the coming year.

Teachers rejuvenating  themselves with Yoga under Mr Vajaravelu