Monday, January 23, 2017

Pongal Celebrations!

12th Jan 2017

Pongal was celebrated with dancing and music!

The children performed "Villupattu" and folk dances and celebrated Pongal with much fanfare and gusto!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr Vandna, Nitish and Anjana visit Gurukulam from UK

7th Jan 2017

It was wonderful to have Dr Vandna, Nitish and Anjana visit school again!!

Dr Vandna, who has co-founded "Gurukulam" in UK, along with her sister Anjana and Nitish who helps publish the "Gurukulam" Facebook articles visited school.

Visit to "Sagar" - a Coast Guard Ship

6th Jan 2017

Thanks to the Coast Guard's invitation, our children from Grade 7 and 8 visited the Coast Guard ship - Sagar!

They were accompanied by Mr Ramesh (admin) , Mr Abdul (Maths teacher) and Mr Sathya (Science teacher).

The students enjoyed getting to learn about the GPS, Radar and Fire Safety systems on the ship. They were also treated to breakfast and juice.

Mohammed Usman, former Vice Principal, visit to Gurukulam

06th Jan 2017

Mohammed Usman, our former Vice Principal visited school and spent a whole day with the children conducting workshops.

He bought sweets for the whole school and supported the school with a monetary donation!

We were touched to have Mohammed back with us.

Indian Talent Exam - the first round!

Jan 2017

Abdul Kaleel of Class 10, topped the school in General Knowledge in the first round of the Indian Talent Exam!

The rest of the 10th standard participants are not too far behind!! :-)