Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Diwali Wishes 2021


Loving wishes for a blessed Diwali

May this

Festival of Lights

bring joy, blessings and peace

to you and your loved ones...

Friday, October 1, 2021

Second Year College Scholarship for Arun

 20th Aug 2021

Arun Kumar, who passed out from our school, received his second year college scholarship.

Thanks to Mrs & Mr Asokan, Arun has been able to go to college. He makes us proud with his  excellent scores. 

Mr Nitin Agarwal visits Gurukulam

 25th Sept 2021

Mr Nitin, our Committee Member based in Hyderabad, visited school to welcome our children back to school and motivate them.

He conducted a workshop with our teachers and children. 

The children got tips on exam handling and how to handle themselves post covid 

In Nitin's own words:

As school re-opens after pandemic, it was great feeling to visit school and interact with students. I have been associated with Gurulam school since inception days from 2004. This time I visited with a friend, Pravin Bavankule, who was equally excited. I was told that what students now need is motivation to get back to the rigor of physical education and prepare for the upcoming exams. So I posed the question to the batch of students from grade 9 - 12 "What meal did you have same time last week?". With some giggles and embarrassment, students and teachers both realized that human memory is designed to retain for short term, and only way to beat that was "constant revision". Now the logical question to follow was how can revise all subjects everyday with such a demanding course-content? On that note, we agreed that most important questions were the ones that were asked in question papers from the last 5 years, and there is a high probability that these would be most likely questions for the upcoming exams. With such reduced but focussed sylabus to begin with, we can possibly focus on one subject each day of the week, and complete the entire revision within the week! I could see the excitement in their eyes as we discussed such possibilities to help them with their exams. Finally I reminded them again that given how human brain works, they will forget everything that we discussed today in a week's time! So one homework for them is to make a note of takeaways from today on a piece of paper, and paste it on their desk for "constant reminder"! 

Pravin rounded up the session beautifully by motivating students to Think Big! His anecdotes from history were spot on and resonated well with students.

Finally, we had a separate session with teachers to brainstorm how best we can help students follow through with the above plan of action. 

I believe we can exponentially learn from each others experience. Was humbling to see the students aspiring to be IAS and doctors, specially after coming from economically underprivileged background and being first generation English learners. As I left, I secretly wished that I get more such opportunities to interact with Gurukulam students! ;-)

Physical School reopens!

6th Sept 2021

Finally our children could meet each other, share their experiences, learn from a teacher instead of looking at a mobile phone screen!

It was full of optimism again! 😄😄

The pandemic slowly under control and the children could meet their friends and teachers!

Indian Government has permitted reopening of classes from Grade 9 to Grade 12.

Physical School started on 6th September 2021. 

All the necessary steps to safeguard our staff and students in place.

First day at Gurukulam, the students had an interactive session with our staff to express themselves.... to share their experiences during this pandemic.

Parents Teacher Meeting

18th Aug 2021

Parents teacher meeting was conducted dated on 18th August 2021, for Grade 6 and Grade 7.

The meeting was conducted by Vice principal Mrs. Uma and Coordinator Mr. Sathya. 

The meeting was primarily to talk about the impact of covid and how online classes have impacted the children. The parents were made aware of the challenges over the next few years to bringing up the children back to standard. 

The parents were also made aware of their responsibilities and the steps taken by the school towards physical reopening of school, which was being planned by the Government. 

We had a good response from our parents who came forward to discuss the way forward.

Online Summer Nature Study - by Government of India

14-15th June 2021

Online Summer Nature Study Program -  GREEN TEENS was organised by:

1. Regional Museum Of Natural History - Bhopal 

2. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change.

Our students took part in this program and received the E-certification.

75th Independence Day Celebration

15th August 2021

75th Independence Day Celebration from our students, who took part in various events online.

Flag hoisting was done by Mrs. Uma N Vice principal  

Clink on this link to watch the video

World Environment Day 2021 - 2022

5th June 2021 

World Environment Day is observed every year on 5th June across the globe.

To create awareness among our students and to mark this day, we had asked them to come up with their own colourful imaginative sketches.

Here they are:



Yoga day celebration 2021 - 2022

21st June 2021

International day of YOGA was celebrated online with great enthusiasm by our students.

Not having physical school did not deter our young ones!

Click on this link to watch the video

Friday, April 2, 2021

Sathya Nair and Sqn Ldr Unni Nair visit school

 23rd March 2021

Sathya Nair and Sqn Ldr Unni Nair joined us for lunch with our teachers.

Sqn Ldr Unni Nair, Head Honcho of Excel HR Facilitations and Planet Adventure gave our teachers a uplifting talk. Motivated them, stirred them up and entertained them with a lovely song!

Thank you Sathya and Unni!

Pattimandram - Debate

 24th March 2021

The teachers from Gurukulam, GVTC and all admin staff had a "hot pattimandram" (debate) on:

Is Money Most Important for Life?


Is Character Most Important for Life?

It was a day of fun, team building and passionate speeches :-)

Mr Sathya headed the debate for - Is Character Most Important for Life?

Ms Farah headed the debate for - Is Character Most Important for Life?

It was close - both teams had their say. It was a close competition with compelling arguments. 

Mr Sathya's closing speech clinched the victory for his team!

Workshop with Teachers - Effective Training

 25th March 2021

It was a fruitful workshop on "Effective Training" with our teachers.

The teachers huddled, discussed and came up with what elements made teaching effective. Each group decided on what was the order of importance for them!

They then presented their work with aplomb!

Effective training is where:

The trainer knows the subject:

·       The Trainer has researched the subject thoroughly

·       The Trainer can answer most questions adequately or directs to an appropriate resource

·       The Trainer has sufficient depth of knowledge to be flexible in the training



The trainer is able to analyze and diagnose faults:

·       The Trainer can identify where the trainee is going wrong

·       The Trainer knows why the trainee is not performing

·       The Trainer has appropriate solutions for each fault



The training objectives are SMART:

·       The training objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound

·       The training objectives are agreed by the trainees

·       The Trainer is able to amend the objectives if necessary, during the training



The training is clear, concise and interesting:

·       The training is delivered so that it is easily understood

·       The Trainer uses a variety of tools to get the message across

·       The Trainer maintains the interest of the trainees



The training is responsive to how trainees like to learn:

·       Trainees are involved in the training

·       Trainees have opportunities to practice skills

·       Trainees are given time to reflect on what they have learnt

·       Trainees are able to ask questions



The trainer tests understanding to confirm learning:

·       The Trainer asks effective questions

·       The Trainer sets appropriate tests

·       The Trainer challenges trainees to demonstrates their learning



The trainer is approachable and supportive:

·       The Trainer is open and honest

·       The Trainer is relaxed, friendly and interested in trainees

·       The Trainer listens well and shows empathy to trainees

·       The Trainer asks for and is able to receive criticism well



The trainer is able to demonstrate well:

·       The Trainer is able to do what is being taught to a high standard

·       The Trainer is able to demonstrate clearly

·       The Trainer is also able to demonstrate how not to do it



The training is structured, organized and efficient:

·       It is well designed and has a logical structure

·       It is well organized

·       It runs efficiently with little waste of time, resources or use of equipment



There is good documentation, tools and equipment:

·       The documentation is clear, sufficient and easy to refer to

·       The tools and equipment used are relevant and in good working order

·       There is enough equipment and time for each trainee to use

·       The environment is suitable for learning