Monday, June 8, 2009

School begins... with fun and Special Guests

The new school term started with our usual joy and...this time with special guests :-)

The children started the day by cutting cakes, enjoying games and simply feeling the joy of being in Gurukulam :-)

Today, we had so many lovely people sharing our joy...

We had Dr Nandakumar, President - Rotary Club of Vadapallani and Past Presidents Mr Lakshmanan and Mr Sam donate school diaries to all our children...

We had Jean, Arun Mathew, Tanay Singh, Mohammed Siddiq and Krishan Kant Aggarwal of Fisherman's Cove - Taj Hotels join in the first day of school...

We had Seetha from USA, Mrs & Dr Nandakumar from UK and Capt Muthiah from Air India join in and share some lovely moments with our children :-)

It was one memorable first day of school :-)

A delightful afternoon

Dr Mythili Ravishankar and Venkatesh Ravishankar spent a lovely afternoon interacting with our children... the children showed their dance and karate and have asked Venkatesh to teach them western dancing the next time he comes over...

A brand new Brochure

Once again :-) our loving THANKS to Mr Vasant Shanbhag of Canara Traders & Printers Pvt Ltd for printing and helping edit our brochure and Ogilvy & Mather Pvt Ltd for helping design it...

We now have an updated new brochure :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

A lovely start

Thanks to Mr Vasant Shanbhag, Canara Traders and Printers Pvt Ltd., our teachers got a pleasant surprise on our reopening day :-)

Mr Vasant Shanbhag has donated 8 brand new tables for our teachers... We finally have a table for each teacher.

Our loving THANKS :-)

Towards a bright future

Today 25 new students have joined our school :-)

...what surprises me every year, is that, hardly any of the children cry! On the other hand, within 10 minutes of coming in to our classrooms they are having a whale of a time :-)

The picture above was taken hardly half an hour after we started off...

Almost every child told me that they enjoyed the was so touching to hear it from the little ones :-) God bless them