Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aug 15th 2010

The Independence Day programme was a lovely dedication to our freedom fighters of yore.
Mr Jayakumar MLA, Former Minister, Govt of Tamilnadu as our Hon'ble Chief Guest
Mr S Rajaram, President of Rotary Club, Downtown and
Mr SohailCurrimbhoy, Chairman, Madras Mylapore Round Table 3 as our Guests of Honour, it was a re-dedication for all of us to work harder that every child gets the best education possible to make this society grow into Mahatma Gandhi's and Rabindra Nath Tagore's dream India.

...this was the scene on the morning of Aug 15th. Lashing rains, flooded grounds and a shamyana that had collapsed. True to the spirit of Gurukulam - the shamyana was up in no time, children, guests and teachers got the chairs in place and lo - the programme was ON :-)

The other time we had a similiar situation was when Mr Jayakumar had honoured us as the Chief Guest in 2005 to open the 41 toilets that we had built as part of the post tsunami work. The Shamyana had collapsed under similar rains and Mr Jayakumar took it into his stride and we made do with the common shed of the fishermen!! He was then the law minister and we still remember fondly his dedication to the community and his positive nature.

Thanks to "Gurukuam UK" we have been able to build 2 more toilets and a store room for our children. Dr Vandna, Dr Sunder Dharmar who founded "Gurukulam" in UK, along with our Chief Guest Mr Jayakumar and Mr Shail Currimbhoy opened them for our children.

The children, as usual, put up a wonderful performance. Each cultural event had been painstakingly thought out and rehearsed by the kids and the teachers. It showed in every performance.The Indian classical dance put up by the girls took everyone's breath away and so did the dance programme of the other classes.Speeches in English, Hindi and Tamil showed the children s' grasp of all 3 languages.

Karate was as scintillating as ever. Kudos to Sensei Ravikrishnan and Sensei Murali in keeping the martial arts programme of the kids going full swing.

The Tai Chi by the girls was impressive. One could see the progress they have made in this art. Thanks again to Sensei Ravikrishnan.

The yoga demonstration for this time was well conducted and the children finished with meditation in padmasana. Thanks to Mr Varadarajan, our Yoga teacher.

The Chief Guest conducted an impromptu General knowledge quiz and our children acquitted themselves very well and managed to win a large number of Rs 100/- prizes that he distributed to the winners.

Mr Jayakumar concluded with a heart warming speech...

Mr S Rajaram, our Guest of Honour, spoke on Rotary Clubs' commitment to our school and gifted Rs 100,000/- of this years funds raised by Rotary Club.
Thank you dear Rotarians - our heartfelt thanks as always.

Mr Sohail Currimbhoy, Chairman MMRT3, again reiterated their club's enduring support. Something that gladdened all our hearts and further gifted more sports items, books and CDs'. Thank you dear Tablers. We appreciate every single gesture from your side and will ever be indebted to your kindness and support.

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