Saturday, April 13, 2019

Workshop with Edward and Kent

02nd April 2019

Edward Hogshire and his son Kent spent 2 days with our children working together.

Edward is an English instructor at the United Arab Emirates University and teaches English. His son Kent is a student keen on sharing his experience with our students at Gurukulam.

Kent helped clean the garden along with other children, while Edward worked with our teachers and children.

Kindergarten Graduation

30th March 2019

The Kindergarten graduated to Primary School...and they are thrilled :-)

Multipurpose Hall thanks to HDB Financial Services Ltd

3rd Dec 2018

Our loving thanks for the initiative by HDB Financial Services Ltd to provide us a multi purpose hall!

We had reached out wanting a space for our activities....and thanks to HDB, we have one now.

12th Standard farewell

02nd March 2019

The 12th graders were given a loving farewell...

We hope and pray they leave our school with the right values and inner strength and we wish them the very best in their academics and exam they will be writing shortly...

Parents Teachers Meeting

02nd March 2019

The parents meet was well attended. There was a 3-way exchange of views!

1. Management and Teachers
2. Parents
3. Students

It was wonderful to see parents, students, teachers sharing their thoughts, completely at ease, completely at home! 

We had 2 parents who had come to make beautiful "rangoli's" to invite the parents for the PTM!

Mrs Grace who has been serving the school for the last 10 years was felicitated, much to the happiness of the parents and children whom she has been serving with all her love! She gave a heart stirring speech on her views and thoughts! 

Mr Sathya and Mr Abdul, both who had been serving for the last 3 years were felicitated too. 

Rangoli by our parents

Yokeswaran of Class 7 sharing his ideas!

Gifts for parents who had volunteered for the PTM

Mother who had volunteered with her daughter

Lady with a large heart!

27th Feb 2019

We were joined by a wonderful lady with a large heart and a gold medal in counselling!

It was touching how she reached out to children with troubled backgrounds...children who needed a professional to deal with issues they were facing at home. 

She got to the core issues right away and was able to counsel the children and their parents who had come to meet with her....

Children with a troubled background tend to have issues concentrating on studies, attending school regularly, behavioural issues....and we needed help!

We respect her decision to be an anonymous volunteer....and we thank her loving intervention for the children who needed help...

26th March 2019

As a follow up she met up with our children....and there definitely was marked improvement. 

We thank her ongoing commendable effort...

Admissions for 2019-2020

26th Feb 2019

This year's admission for 2019-2020 LKG batch started in earnest.

The admission process as always:

  • Families earning less than Rs 8000.00 per month (USD 119; SGD 169; 112 Euros) are invited to fill in application forms.
  • Teachers and staff completed house visits to check if the household income is less than Rs 8000 per month. 
  • The final check is done by the Committee members to ensure that we were reaching out to the most underprivileged children.