Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gurukulam starts "Life Skills Progamme" along with GVTC

18th Nov 2017

Today was another milestone for both Gurukulam and GVTC!

We have started providing children from classes 8th and 9th hands on training on vocational trades, as part of their curriculum.

Also, topics like Health, Safety, First Aid, Setting goals, Career planning will be discussed. 

This will enable children to explore their interests in trades well before they finish their schooling.

Mrs Farzana, Vice-Principal GVTC is in charge of this initiative. Mrs Farzana has also added in "Value added Mathematics" as part of the initiative.

Todays programme details:

1. Basic Needs - V.P (Mrs.Farzana)
2..Shelter - V.P
3.Tailoring - Mrs. Varalakshmi
4.Mathematics - Added Value on Algebra. - V.P
5.Around 25 students attended the class
6.Class- IX - 13/19 students attended
7. Class VIII - 12/16 students attended.
8. Please find attachment of photos for the same.
9.Students felt very happy and eager to learn more
10.Maths class is a added value for students

KPMG donates office furniture

16th Nov 2017

Christmas came early for Gurukulam :-)

KPMG donated all its used office furniture - a much needed donation! 

Thanks to KPMG we now have:

1) 12 cupboards 
2) 28 pedestal drawer units with lock
3) 1 wooden Suggestion box
4) 18 stainless steel planters
5) 5 wooden side tables with drawers
6) 1 magazine stand

Thank you KPMG team!

Our special thanks to teachers Mr Sathya and Mr Abdul, along with Mr Naushad our Admin Manager who worked until close to midnight to bring over all the furnitures from KPMG office to school!

GVTC starts Computer classes!

15th Nov 2017

GVTC reached another milestone! We have started computer classes for young adults, with a Computer Lab!

It was a wonderful feeling to see the beginning of the next course at GVTC.

With this we are now offering:

1. Tailoring and Embroidery
2. Beautician course
3. 2 wheeler mechanic course
4. Computer Training

"JoyfulGifting" presented every child with a gift on Children's Day

14th Nov 2017

Children's Day Celebrations was made more special by "JoyfulGifting" (

Mr Venkat and Mr Janakiram from "JoyfulGifting" gifting all our children with a Pencil Set from Classes 1 to 5 and Pen set for classes 6 - 12. 

Our loving thanks for this thoughtful gift! 

The children had a great time making cards for each other! They were treated with a 5-Star chocolates,  and of course had a lot of fun with competitions between themselves!
Tr incharge
Frog jump
Mrs Shajidha
Ms Darthi
I & II
Get Ready to school
Mrs Revathi
Mrs Rukhsana
Paper in the basket
Mrs Priyanga
Ms Soniya
V & VI
Burst the balloon
Mrs Grace lily
Ms Usharani
Hurdles race
Mr Loudhuraj
Mrs Rajeswari
IX & X
Glue on the nose
Mrs Devagi
Mr Ramamurthi
Baby rattle
Mr Johnson
Ms Susan joshua

Drawing competition by MMLC4

11th Nov 2017

Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 (MMLC4), conducted a drawing competition for schools in and around Chennai. Children from classes 4, 5 and 6 participated.

Janathul Firdhouse and Abinaya of Class 6 won the trophy! All the kids had a great time :-)

As reported by Mrs Shuba, our teacher and coordinator:

Gurukulam – A”Trust children” School
Drawing Competition Report
                                                                                                              Date: 11/11/17
                                                                                                              Day: Saturday
·      Drawing Competition conducted by MMLC4 The venue was at AVM, Rajeshwari Mahal Mylapore. The classes participated were 4,5 and 6 The students were presided  by class Teachers (IV- Mrs Priyanga.G, V- Mrs.Subha.M, VI- Mrs Grace Lily.U)
·      We started by 7.20 am from the school campus, 44 students participated the students were taken in two vans.

·      We reached the spot around 8.55 am and the volunteers those who were present there helped us and then went to the reception and registered our students nos and then we were sent to the breakfast hall.

·      After the breakfast students were lined up and they joined the slot and started the competition.

·      Prachi Maam helped us in getting the stationary kits for the students and they did well.
·      Then after half an hour we the prize winners were called out and from our school
·      Janathul Firdhouse and Abinaya of Class VI received the trophy.

·      Then we collected the participation certificate and each student also got a pack with the stationary set and with some snacks.

·      We returned back safe to school around 12.30 pm.

·      Students behavior was also good and they enjoyed.

·      We thank Our Management, Advisor and Principal for this wonderful opportunity where students learnt to exhibit their talents.