Friday, February 21, 2014

Capt Dharamraj and Capt Sangita visit Gurukulam

Capt Dharamraj and Capt Sangita visited our school on the 8th Feb 2014.

It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm at the growth of our school. Although both of them have supported the school since inception, this was the first time they visited the school premises at Kovalam.....

......and saw how their support has helped so many children.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Gift of Chess 2014

Viknesh Danabalan, a young enthusiastic professional, based in Singapore has started the "Chess Club" at our school. Read about it in his own words:

Gift of Chess 2014 – Inaugural kickstart to the chess programme for Gurukulam kids 

On February 7 2014, I took my first trip to the Trust Children school founded by Captain Nandu. It was a joy to see the compound that I’ve only seen in the past through the website and annual reports. 
A group of grade 8s and 9s were waiting for us to beginning the inaugural chess class, which is a combined idea of Mr. Mohammed (the vice principal) and myself. Chess materials were ordered from the US and delivered to the school and the materials and class was all ready! Impressed by the speed at which things unfolded!
Even more impressed I was to see the children’s enthusiasm in the class when we were conducting it. We used the instructor board to show how the various chess pieces moved and the very basics of chess and how to win the game! Students got comfortable with how the board should be set-up and the importance of each piece in protecting its king! 
Toward the end of 1hour 15 minutes of instruction, the children then got together in groups to play with one another first then with Mr Mohammed and myself. I must say they really learn fast, some of their moves were very good and I had to adjust to the situation! We saw the children concentrating whilst some were still struggling with piece moves (inevitable as it’s the very first lesson) others caught on fast and we engrossed in the game. Clearly, the self-confidence of these kids will increase with time, lessons and training as the course progresses. 
The chess programme for Gurukulam kids is called the “Gift of Chess 2014” and will run for 15 lessons. There is a chess workbook for the kids to follow and a teacher instructor book that complements it. 

Overall, for me, the trip was indeed fulfilling and I look forward to another visit soon to play with the kids!