Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy tidings

Our kids have proved themselves again :-)

Pragadeesh of Class 6 secured "High Distinction".

Dharini, Ameen, Basha and Dhanapriya of Class 6 have secured "Distinction" in a recently concluded assessment in Mathematics for Indian Schools by the UNSW Global, The University of New South Wales, Australia.

We are proud to be part of their achievement.

An inspiring visit to cherish forever…

Personal experience shared by Mr. Ruben Rajagopalan from Eindhoven, The Netherlands regarding his visit to the Gurukulam School on January 03, 2011.

An inspiring visit to cherish forever…

It’s with a great feeling of happiness, humility and gratitude, I am sharing my inspiring experience during my visit to Gurukulam, a Trust Children School on January 3rd, 2011. I wish to sincerely thank my friends from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, whose support, prayers and wishes are behind this testimonial.

In a world filled with a multitude of contrasts, children belonging to economically under-privileged backgrounds pay the highest price for no fault of theirs. Education and other facilities which to some of us is easily accessible, and sometimes even a luxury, to many others remains only a dream that perhaps never really turns into a reality. The Trust Children team and their Gurukulam School at Panayur, Chennai have been creating miracles and making a difference since 2004, to ensure those dreams turn into reality for a few children (143 children as on date). With their strong determination and dedication, since their inception their vision has always aimed to provide, for FREE, their children with education (in English medium), Text and note-books, Uniforms, Lunch, Extra-curricular activities (Karate, Yoga), and Medical & Dental care.

My association with them began informally mainly thanks to Mr. Harsh Kulkarni and friends at ASHA, Eindhoven. Thanks to the efforts of some of my friends from Eindhoven, we were extremely happy to raise funds as a contribution that will benefit the annual cost of education and travel of Ms. Sureatha for the academic year 2011-2012, who is current in her LKG Grade (LowerKinderGarten).

After all the discussions via email and phone, it was a wonderful feeling to finally get to visit their campus and meet the volunteers and the hildren. The enthusiasm and happiness of the children was great to see. We visited them on the first day of the school after the holiday break, and the children were buzzing with excitement to get back to their lessons and school activities. Mrs. Shubha Subramaniam, the Principal, was very happy to show us around the Campus, and the class rooms, and also interact with the children of the VI standard. We shared lively moments with the kids talking about various interests, discussions ranging from Sciences, Karate, Movies, …, and the current hype about the Cricket World Cup being hosted in India in February. We wished them the very best for their future, and handed over our donations, and left the campus, after what was a great inspiring day, and a wonderful beginning to 2011.

On behalf of my friends in Eindhoven, I’d like to extend my gratitude and support to the team of Trust Children for all their wonderful efforts, and the very best wishes for the future.

I’ve uploaded all the pictures taken during my visit here. For any additional information, feel free to reach me via email at

Kind regards,
Ruben and his friends from Eindhoven.