Monday, October 18, 2010


Ladies and Gentleman, may I kindly introduce a new part of TrustChildren. A brand new page on the revolutionary website – Facebook. On the site we’ve got lots of information, pictures and videos. The site gets updated every week, so it tells the world what’s happening as it happens.

This fully operational and functioning apart of TrustChildren‘s online awareness has picked up like wildfire. We have many people from all over the world taking notice of the hard work that is happening in India and the word is spreading....

Feel free to have a look at -

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another young BIG heart :-)

Nitish is another young man with a BIG heart :-)

Here is the story of another teenager who has touched our hearts at Gurukulam.

Nitish is studying his 1st year of A Level in UK (XII as in India). He formulated and conducted a spoken English class for our children - with such a depth of thought and research, that it amazed me...

Nitish is now taken on another big challenge - he is managing the "facebook" for Trust Children all by himself!! You can meet him at

Dear Nitish, thank you for taking time off from your studies, sports, free time and lending a hand to those who are not so lucky...thank you from all of us at Gurukulam :-)

Vijayadasami Celebrations

True to our appreciation of all religions, our school celebrated Vijaydasami - prayers to the goddess of learning.

As told about it by our Vice Principal, Primary School, Ms Shabana Begum "Today all the children assembled in a classroom and were told the importance of praying to God who will help them in their everyday studies and fulfill their vision and dreams in education. This was done to inculcate in them that hard work in education is very important. And if they pray to God, He will help them, assist them in their everyday studies. They were told that - Prayer + hard work is the key to success. All of them prayed and understood the importance and then enjoyed the snacks".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just as the Gurukul of yore, our children actively help in keeping their school clean...

Ms Anusya, who was the teacher in charge of the school cleanliness until Sept 2010 gave away prizes for the children who had put in their best...

Let us pray that our children grow up to be good human beings who will help themselves and help others...who find joy in all things great and small...

Our kids have done it again :-)

Our kids have done it again :-) in the National Level.

In the "All India Open Karate Championship" held at Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, on 25th and 26th of Sept, our children brought back a good medal tally

1. Pragadeesh-- Individual Kata III place. Team Kata II place
2.Anandh of grade -IV-- Team Kata II place
3. K.Arunkumar of grade IV- Team Kata II place
4. Varsha of Grade VI- Individual Kata II Place.Team Kata II place.Kumite III Place
5. Dharani- Team Kata II place.Kumite III place
6. Dhanapriya-VI grade- Team Kata II place
7. Shilpa-Grade IV- Kumite III Place.

Our loving congratulations to the kids on their effort and Sensei Ravikrishnan and Sensei Murali on their continuous efforts in bringing up our children to standard...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

One BIG Heart :-)

Natasha Desai is a young lady with a BIG HEART.

What could someone in high school do to reach out to others not so privileged?

Natasha simply opened up a bracelet shop on the internet - the Zigzag Store :-) Made some beautiful bracelets, sold them and raised money for the children at Gurukulam. Do visit her at

She is one of the growing number of young adults helping out with Gurukulam...more about the other young helping hands soon....

Oct 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi at Gurukulam

Mr Ashwin from the "Hindu" along with his friends and the "Story Trails" group Ms Anu, Ms Sandhya and Ms Lakshmi visited our school and celebrated the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

The "Story Trail" group enthralled our children with an interactive story "India and I". The children loved it. The children were then treated to a movie "Toy Story".

Read about it in the national newspaper - the "Hindu":

Samosas, Pastries, Chocolate and Juice completed a wonderful day.

Thank you dear Ashwin and friends :-)