Tuesday, December 4, 2018

8 Year old Spanish girl saves money for a Gift Box all the way from Spain!

30th Aug 2018

Merche and her daughter Mercedes who sponsor a Kindergarten child decided to send gifts to all the children of  Kindergarten to celebrate Mercedes communion. 

Mercedes celebrated her first communion a few months ago and she saved some of the money from her presents to buy some clothes for Syed Raabiya. The money was part of the gifts she received for her communion. Mercedes wanted to share it with Syed Raabiya.

She and her Mum sent a goody box to school that contains, Disney pencils for the whole UKG class, some clothes and shoes for Syed Raabiya with a hand written card by Mercedes who is 8 years old and pictures from her and her Mum . This is very important for the little one because she wants to take responsibility for Syed and her needs along with her mom. 

As written by Mr Lourduraj, our teacher:

we could evidence, this noon, an inexplicable joy brimming over from our lovely kids at UKG, as they were greatly surprised at the receipt of beautiful gifts from Mrs. Merche's family for Syed Rabbiya and for all her mates. 

All the feel and emotions are portrayed here with the pictures attached... 

Kindly have the joy of viewing the cute pics...

Syed Raabaiya in her new clothes from Spain..

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