Monday, December 3, 2018

College Scholarship for Dharini

7th July 2018

Dharini is our first student to receive the Anitha Ram Scholarship for college education.

More about the scholarship at Anitha Ram Scholarship

Under this scholarship, her entire academic fee will be paid for completely, provided she maintains her grades and conducts herself as a worthy student of Gurukulam. 

Dharini, in turn, has promised to support underprivileged children once she stands on her own 2 feet!

It is indeed a proud moment for all of us! 

It is a wonderful culmination of the last 14 years of hard work, effort and heart warming support from the "Gurukulam family". 

And it is indeed touching for all of us that this scholarship that has been initiated in the memory of Anitha, who was passionate about biotechnology and had published several research works, should go to Dharini, who has taken up Medical Biotechnology at Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute, Chennai. 

Dharini hails from Pannayur Kuppam. Her father is a fisherman and mother is a homemaker. It has indeed been her hard work and untiring zeal that has brought Dharini to where she is today. Dharini is known for her sunny nature, warm smile and hard work. She was among the first few students to join the school and we are proud of her many accomplishments. We wish her the very best on her journey!

Dharini, during her early years with us!

Dharini with her classmates after the farewell ceremony. Also in the picture are 3 Principals (Mrs Shakila Johnson, Mr Rajeev and Mr Rajkumar) who had joined us to wish the first passing out batch. 

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