Monday, December 3, 2018

Centenary Celebrations for father!

26th July 2018

Mr Gurumoorthi Sridhar and family touched our hearts by celebrating his father's 100th birthday at our school. 

It was a wonderful gesture that touched all of us!

In Mr Gurumoorthi Sridhar's own words:

The purpose of the visit is very simple. My father was born on 26th July 1918 and this year if he had been alive , we would have celebrated his 100th year in a grand manner. We are not that fortunate. He could not afford to complete even schooling and because of the prevailing conditions then he had to enter into business. His business acumen gave him reasonable success in life. But his burning desire for education gave him mental strength to give the best education to his four children. This he achieved in spite of his financial struggle. We are all witness to his struggle and achievement.

That inspired me to do something noteworthy on his 100th birthday, and my siblings whole heartedly joined me and contributed for the noble cause of donating to less previlidged children school for whom free education is given by your noble institution. 

Today we are donating Rs. xx,xxx together to your school, in memory of our dynamic dad. No words are sufficient to explain the parental affection we got, and we are truly blessed to have them as our parents.

We also seize this opportunity to advise the growing children to respect the parents, teachers, and elders and also avail the best education given to them through GURUKULAM.

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