Saturday, October 22, 2016

KFFL - KPMG Family for Literacy

17 Sept 2016

Volunteers from KFFL - "KPMG Family for Literacy" have started a monthly visit to Gurukulam to improve the spoken English at school...

Chris, the Teaching Assistant from UK, assisted the programme.

Report by Chris:

Report on KPMG Volunteer’s Visit on 17/09/2016
Today’s English workshop was led by one of the KPMG intern volunteers, I (Chris Roberts) was also present in the classroom to help keep the students focused on the tasks they were set. The aim of the workshop was to try to improve the student’s diction and spelling by carrying out a series of activities/games. It was made clear at the start that the students should only be talking in English throughout the workshop. Each student was then made to introduce themselves and describe where they lived and what their parents did. Although, this seemed like a simple exercise it did encourage the students to be confident when speaking in English in-front of a group of people.

The next task put forward was a game in which the students had to run to different corners of the room and were declared out based on the number of the corner called out by the teacher. I think this activity helped break up the session and keep the student’s attention. The final activity laid out for the students was a team based game of charades. Each student had to come up with three verbs and three adjectives, which were then put to the opposite team to act out.

I was impressed with the behaviour displayed by VI standard today, for the most part they behaved really well. There were a few issues with students losing attention, but I was able to assist and stop things from getting out of hand. The teacher performed very well and did a good job at keeping the students engaged whilst also teaching English in a more exciting way for the students.  


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