Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our first batch's 10th standard results!

It is with immense happiness that I share our 10th standard results!

This is our first batch to appear for the 10th standard examination under the NIOS board.

All students except 1, have passed in all subjects. And ALL passed with a "first class" aggregate!

The 1 student who has failed, has failed in only one subject. And has passed all the rest!

Pragadeesh has done very well with:

86% in English

76% in Social Studies

74% in Mathematics

78% in Tamil

63% in Science & Technology

Dharini has done well too, with:

82% in Tamil and 67% in Science.

Kudos to all the teachers who have worked hard to bring our children up.

Thanks to all our sponsors who have made education a reality for underprivileged children!

16 Dec 2015

Celebration Lunch!

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