Monday, August 10, 2009

We won them ALL :-)

Sensei Ravikrishnan being felicitated by the Tiruvallur District Karate Association as one of the Seniormost Karate Instructor in India

On the 9th Aug 09 our children swept the prizes in a District level Karate Competition :-) conducted by the Tiruvallur District Karate Association affiliated to the World Karate Federation and All India Karate Do Federation.

They competed with over 300 participants and walked away with most of the prizes...Kudos to Sensei Ravikrishnan and Sensei Murali

The highlight of the day was the First Prize by Pragadeesh of 5th Standard, who with his Orange belt, competed with Black Belts and won it fair and square...

Our Winners:

1. M Pragadeesh - Boys Kata - First

2. M Pragadeesh - Group kata - Third

3. E Anandh - Group kata - Third

4. K Arun kumar - Group kata - Third

5. K Varsha - Girls Kumite - First

6. N Dharani - Girls Kumite - Third

7. K Varsha - Girls kata - First

8. G Dhana Priya - Girls kata - Second

9. N Dharani - Girls Group kata - Third

10. K Varsha - Girls Group kata - Third

11. G Dhanapriya - Girls Group kata - Third

12. K Tharik Anwar - boys Kumite - Third


  1. Congratulations one and all!!!

    This is a big moment, with so many awards!
    Great going, Gurukulam!

  2. Many congratulations to you all.
    Proud moments to be cherished.

    Sensei Ravikrishnan and Sensei Murali
    I am sure you are enjoying the fruits of all the hard labour. Must be satisfying.

  3. Congratulation to everyone.
    So many prizes at a time.............uhhh....just great........
    very proud moment for Trust Children..........

  4. Dear Children,

    Congratulation to all the children who had participated in the competition. Children, do you know that the highest grade in this sport is the "WHITE BELT"? Why do I say so........

    The philosophy is:
    "A cup full of drink will never fill with any fluid". Hence, always bear an attitude of continuous learning like a freshman and, there is no grade in fine martial-art but depth.

    Happy Learning.

    from the desk of Blessedmum

  5. Happy Teachers all Gurukulam Teachers and Captain, Ravi sir.