Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Battle of the Buffet 2015

Join Padamshri Hariharan for a dinner on 1st Oct 2015!

Chennai Mission, along with CIOSA are raising funds for charitable organisations through a sumptuous dinner from leading 5 star hotels....and one of the recipients will be our school!

Do write to to buy your dinner ticket. Every ticket that  you buy through us goes directly towards "Trust Children". Cost of each individual ticket is Rs 7500 or US$118.00 or SGD161.00

Tickets can be bought by donating to "Trust Children" through our normal donation process....simply add - towards "Battle of the Buffet" for us to mail you the dinner ticket.

Come and enjoy a sumptuous dinner while you help educate an                                            underprivileged child!

Friday, July 3, 2015

An appeal for support 2015-16

Our loving thanks to:

KPMG for sponsoring 12 desks and benches

Mr Jithendra Vummidi for sponsoring uniforms from class 7 to class 10

Mrs Nirmala Palaniswami for sponsoring uniforms for LKG

Mrs Vasanthakumari for sponsoring uniforms for UKG

Further requirements for this academic year

Your support will make a huge difference in educating an underprivileged child!

Sr. No. Type of Donation Donation Amount Required (2015 - 2016)
Indian Rupees US Dollars British Pounds Euros Singapore Dollars
1 Annual Education & Meal Sponsorship per Child  INR 16,500  $270  £170  € 240  SGD 360
2 School Uniform Sponsorship - Grade 1 to 6  INR 121,000  $1,980  £1,247  € 1,760  SGD 2,640
3 Text Books  INR 150,000  $2,455  £1,545  € 2,182  SGD 3,273
4 Note Books and Stationery  INR 66,000  $1,080  £680  € 960  SGD 1,440
5 Computers + UPS for Computer Lab  INR 210,000  $3,436  £2,164  € 3,055  SGD 4,582
6 CCTV for Security   INR 60,000  $982  £618  € 873  SGD 1,309
7 Classroom Furniture for X Grade  INR 175,000  $2,864  £1,803  € 2,545  SGD 3,818
8 Classroom Furniture for IX Grade  INR 175,000  $2,864  £1,803  € 2,545  SGD 3,818
9 Water Purifier  INR 20,000  $327  £206  € 291  SGD 436
10 Grills for all the windows on ground floor   INR 51,188  $838  £527  € 745  SGD 1,117
11 Railing for the ground floor corridor   INR 210,000 $3,436  £2,164  € 3,055  SGD 4,582
12 Grill for keeping the gas cylinder outside the kitchen   INR 7,000  $115  £72  € 102  SGD 153
13 Notice Boards  INR 15,000 $245 £155 € 218 SGD 327.27
14 Sports Kits and Playground Equipment  INR 250,000  $4,091  £2,576  € 3,636  SGD 5,455
15 Window Curtains and Blinds  INR 10,000  $164  £103  € 145  SGD 218
16 Stainless Steel Plates and Cups  INR 10,000  $164  £103  € 145  SGD 218
17 Staircase from 1st Floor to Ground  INR 300,000  $4,909  £3,091  € 4,364  SGD 6,545
18 Lab infrastructure  INR 250,000  $4,091  £2,576  € 3,636  SGD 5,455
19 Kitchen Cupboards  INR 10,000  $164  £103  € 145  SGD 218
20 Compound Wall - West  INR 160,000  $2,618  £1,648  € 2,327  SGD 3,491
21 Compound Wall - South  INR 550,000  $9,000  £5,667  € 8,000  SGD 12,000
22 Classrooms for XI Grade  INR 700,000  $11,455  £7,212  € 10,182  SGD 15,273
23 Classrooms for XII Grade  INR 700,000  $11,455  £7,212  € 10,182  SGD 15,273
24 Roof for the Second Floor  INR 698,000  $11,422  £7,192  € 10,153  SGD 15,229
25 Fire Escape Stair Case  INR 300,000  $4,909  £3,091  € 4,364  SGD 6,545
26 Repavement of School Road  INR 300,000  $4,909  £3,091  € 4,364  SGD 6,545
27 Toilet on second floor  INR 100,000  $1,636  £1,030  € 1,455  SGD 2,182
28 Painting of the Entire School  INR 350,000  $5,727  £3,606  € 5,091  SGD 7,636

A sailing holiday for Pragadeesh

During this summer holidays, Mrs Sabita Currimbhoy, our School Advisor, along with her husband Navaz Currimbhoy took Pragadeesh of Class 10 out for a sailing holiday! 

Pragadeesh took part in the Coast Guard Regatta, conducted by the Coast Guard and the Royal Madras Yacht Club.

Read about his trip in his own words.....

Coast Guard Regatta in Mandapam

The trip to Mandapam was the first time I was going out of Chennai, that too in a Car. I was really excited for the trip. Navaz Sir, Sabita Ma’ am, their family and friends and I started from Muttukadu in two cars  in the morning and went on the ECR(East Coast Road). Navaz Sir was driving one car and Sabita ma’am the other one. Normally I sleep when travelling a long distance, but that day I didn’t sleep for the whole day because the natural scenery of the lands and fields beside the roads were so beautiful that attracted my vision. We heard nice songs in the car and kept stopping along the way to find the correct route to Mandapam. We reached Uchipulli where Navaz and Sabita Ma’am have a house, around 4 ‘o’clock. Then we went to the beach in the evening. It was surprising for me to see a sea without waves. We played in the beach, collected dead Starfish, different seashells and stones, and went back to the Mandapam Coast Guard Station.
For the regatta, I chose to sail a Topper but I did not know how to rig it. So we learnt it from the boys from Kerala who looked tough and strong. The Coast Guard men were very friendly. The Lunch and the snacks provided by the Coast Guard Station were very tasty. The men over there played with us, helped in sailing, advised us about the dangers in the reef and also rescued the sailors who were in trouble. The Commander of the station showed us a funny video about his days in Mandapam. The wind was blowing around 30 knots. Everyday I took the Topper out to sail, I capsized and came back. For the first two days of race I was not able to helm in the race. The first two days the  races were cancelled because many boats capsized. But in the afternoons they conducted kayak races. The first time I tried I couldn’t qualify for the finals, but the second time I did but lost in the finals. The third day and the fourth day  were announced as race days. I crewed for one race  in a boat called the Sea Bird and we came second. During the third race our sail got damaged and we went back to the shore. The last day I went in the rescue boat. It was the most exciting day.
After the races, the Coast Guard people took us in a Hovercraft. It was a beautiful feeling.  The ocean Banana Rider was an adventure ride. The rider always tried to make us fall inside the water by making sharp turns. it was a lot of fun.

This was the first trip in which I got the maximum number of friends. Every day we went swimming, snorkelling and played basketball in the evening.  I got a lot of experience about sailing and a lot of fun in Mandapam.