Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Gurukulam starts "Life Skills Progamme" along with GVTC

18th Nov 2017

Today was another milestone for both Gurukulam and GVTC!

We have started providing children from classes 8th and 9th hands on training on vocational trades, as part of their curriculum.

Also, topics like Health, Safety, First Aid, Setting goals, Career planning will be discussed. 

This will enable children to explore their interests in trades well before they finish their schooling.

Mrs Farzana, Vice-Principal GVTC is in charge of this initiative. Mrs Farzana has also added in "Value added Mathematics" as part of the initiative.

Todays programme details:

1. Basic Needs - V.P (Mrs.Farzana)
2..Shelter - V.P
3.Tailoring - Mrs. Varalakshmi
4.Mathematics - Added Value on Algebra. - V.P
5.Around 25 students attended the class
6.Class- IX - 13/19 students attended
7. Class VIII - 12/16 students attended.
8. Please find attachment of photos for the same.
9.Students felt very happy and eager to learn more
10.Maths class is a added value for students

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