Saturday, March 18, 2017

LKG Admissions 2017-18

15th March 2017

LKG Admissions were completed! The last of the house visits were conducted.

We have a lovely batch of new children who will be joining us for the academic year starting in June 2017. 

Every child who will be joining us are from an underprivileged back ground, with parents earning around Rs 8000/- per month. 

Principal Mr Venkatesan, Mr Ramesh - Admin Manager, Teachers Mr Abdul, Ms Priyanga along with Ana and myself on house visits.

Farhana - in the coloured dress

One of the girls who had applied to join us - Farhana - had come to school and enjoyed meeting our children! 

Farhana is being brought up by foster parents (who themselves earn less than Rs 8000 every month!). Her father has left her and her mother is staying at a local Darga until she finds some form of employment. 

We are waiting for Farhana, whose smiling face captivated all of us, to join our school and have a chance to break out of her poverty! 

It is a wonderful feeling that we could at least try and reach out to a few children among the hundreds who need help!

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