Monday, February 13, 2017

Toast Masters Workshop 11th Feb

18th Feb 2017

The 8th session of the Toast Masters as reported by our teacher:

*This was the eighth session, The session started with a recap.

Rahul of class VIII gave a introduction speech.

As a part of this educational session, the topic covered was how the body language is important and the concepts like facial expressions, gesture, whole body movement play an important role in communication.

Type of eye contact - light house effect
Facial expression -  happiness, sad, anger, surprised / fear. 
Gesture - three types conveyed conventional (symbol/ word)by two parts of the body using hand and legs, descriptive gesture (height / size) emotional (feelings)
Whole body movement -start with your posture.

Students shared their improvement from the last session.

To improve the speaking skills:
Skills 20% speaking in front of the mirror.
Find feedback from others.

Students speeches were evaluated by Sabita ma'am, subha and Abdul.

Students were selected for next week speech.

11th Feb 2017

Toast Masters have been conducting regular sessions. This being the 7th session.

They have been doing great service in bringing up the oratorical capabilities of our students.

Today's session as reported by Mr Abdul, Maths teacher:

        Please find the attachment  of report regarding seventh session of the Toast master program.

  • The program started with a recap of the last week session, the students were questioned about the CPL course.
  • Then the session was started by Mr.Subu with a game - the title of the session was the "importance of Vocabulary".
  • Some easy methods to improve vocabulary were discussed.
  • Some games relating to the vocabulary development was conducted. Students were very interested and involved in today's session. 
  • Methods to be followed for conducting a speech were discussed.
  • After the break, "speech sessions" started students were allotted for each role as TMOD, Timer, Grammarian, "ah counter" and Evaluator.
  • There were totally 8 speakers among the students. Akshaya of Class X was selected as a good speaker and Vishwa of Class X was given Best evaluator.
  •  Students were informed to prepare for the next session, students were asked to prepare for a story by their own.
- Abdul Kather.

Session with class X

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