Monday, February 13, 2017

LKG Admissions 2017

9th to 12th Feb 2017

LKG admissions were started for 2017-18 batch.

As always, the admission process has been meticulously followed:

  • Families earning less than Rs 8000.00 per month (USD 119; SGD 169; 112 Euros) were invited to fill in application forms.
  • Teachers and staff completed house visits to check if the household income was less than Rs 8000 per month. 
  • The final check was done by the Committee members to ensure that we were reaching out to the most underprivileged children.
Ana and Ramesh with Preethi and her Mom. They live in a hut next to the beach.

With Raabiya, a lovely quite child, whose Mom is a home maker. Her Father sells flowers to make a living.

Nithisha sitting in a yoga pose (next to Ana) will join our school soon. Her father is a daily labourer, earning around Rs 6000 as a painter.

Area around Mukeshwari's house

Yoga Teacher Mr Vajaravelu (blue shirt), Math teacher Mr Abdul (blue stripped T shirt), Admin Mr Ramesh (white T shirt) visiting Mukeshwari's house.

This 1 room house is typical of most of the parents of our students. They are mostly bare of furniture, with just the bare essentials. The TV is a free gift by the government!

Admin Mr Ramesh, Yoga Teacher Mr Vajaravelu and Math Teacher Mr Abdul on the house visits.

With Shabana, who will join our school soon! Her father is a daily labour cook and her mother is a homemaker. 

Farhana (smiling in the black dress) is 8 years old and has dropped out of school after class 1, as her parents are too poor. 

Nandini's father is a book binder and lives on daily wages, while her mom is a home maker.

Sharmila's father is a daily wages painter, and her mom helps with the income by helping with house work.

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