Friday, December 2, 2016

Drawing workshop sponsored by MMRT3

17 Nov 2016

Our children had a workshop on drawing that was sponsored by MMRT3.

It was a day of fun and learning for the children. It helped focus on their ambitions!

It was also a day for displaying their yoga skills to other school children!

Report by Mr Abdul, Maths teacher and coordinator:

* we came to school at 8.00 am
* All teachers who were alloted duties (Mrs.krithiga,Mrs.nabeela and myself) arrived on time.
* Attendance for the day (grades III to IX) - 86 students.
* They came in full uniform and boarded the two vans sponsored by MMRT3.
* we reached the Risa Banquets Hall (vettuvankenni) at 8.45am. It was our school who reported there first.

                            The program started at 8.55am. The organising committee spoke about "ambition". Then activities started at 9.30am. 

At first they asked students to exhibit their talents to which none of the schools came forward! 

Our  school children did yoga . 

The organising committee were excited and motivated our children very much. 

At 10.30 am the children started drawing.... at first they told them to draw their face in the drawing sheet which they provided. 

Then they asked their taught them how to continue drawing their "ambition". According to their ambition they were asked to develop the picture of their face and with their names on the top. 

After the drawing they gave certificates  . They then gave juice and some simple break fast and we returned (kovalam ) at 1.45pm ..

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