Sunday, November 6, 2016

A visit to the Zoo with KPMG Volunteers :-)

KPMG Volunteers decided to treat our children with a visit to the zoo! :-)

Thank you volunteers of KPMG! You touched our children!

Report by Mrs Augusta, our teacher who accompanied the children to the zoo:

KPMG volunteers, two teachers and the students of  IV and V std went for a trip to see the Vandalur  zoo on 15.10.16[Saturday].KPMG was the sole organizer of this great trip. The children were excited seeing the different animals and birds. They were attracted especially gazing at the Tiger, Cheetah and the Leopards. We saw Monkeys jumping on the trees and they started jumping with them . They saw different variety of Birds. They learnt the habits of  a few animals and also some thing about the migratory birds and their breeding season.
We also saw  few  elephant trumpeting a way.

    Our time schedule was  from 10.00am to 2.30pm.During  their short break they enjoyed their snacks. They did not feel the  heat in spite of the long walks.

It was nice of KPMG to have brought in the snacks for the children. KPGM  sponsored also their tickets for the visit to Vandalur zoo. After visiting most of the cages and enjoying seeing them fatigue started to set in the  students.
The heat started increasing and so we decided to  journey back to school. Mr.Gowtham  was a main person behind the trip. We reached school safely and students were eagerly looking forward for an exciting trip next time for another  wonderful trip soon.
 Thank you
Warm regards


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