Sunday, November 6, 2016

A survey for GVTC by Gurukulam teachers and staff!

01 Nov 2016

Gurukulam staff and teachers did a survey in the neighbourhood to see the trades that the neighbourhood community needed!

Gurukulam children (9th standard along with Maths teacher Mr Abdul) did active learning by translating the results into a pie chart!

Maths teacher Mr Abdul helping with the surveys

Science teacher Mr Sathya and Admin Mr Ramesh helping with the surveys

Teacher Mr Lourdu helping with the surveys

Pie chart by the 9th standard!

The Team that undertook the survey! Sitting far left Mr Ramesh, standing from left to right Mr Sathya, Mr Abdul, Mr Lourdu along with Ana, Capt Nandkumar and Shantanu

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