Friday, August 19, 2016

Internship by students from AzimPremji University, Bangalore

We had interns from AzimPremji University of Bangalore staying with us.

Here is Maya's account of her stay:

                                                   GURUKULAM SCHOOL

Name : Maya .s ( AzimPremji University , Banglore )

          As part of my internship , I got an opportunity to visit a school called Gurukulam  school in Chennai. I was there in the school for about three weeks . I had a fruitful time being in the school . The school is doing many good things for the students . One of the important thing is that , the school give more educational opportunity for  underprivileged students and  also they are giving free education for them . All the students come there have special skills and are very talented .  They are following samachir kalvi till 8th standard and NIOS syllabus  from 9th standard to 12th  standard . The NIOS syllabus was completely new for me and from there I got a overall idea about the NIOS system. The students who come there , are very encouraged to come to school . The students are very co-operative . The teachers are also very co-operative and helpful. The three week internship was really helpful for me . I learnt many things from the school . The first thing , which I learnt was , how to write lesson plan , which was new for me .  Also I learnt many teaching skills from the teachers . Some most important skill that the teachers needed is to encourage each every student in their teaching . One thing which I observed was all children prefer studying through games and activity .  Also the school does many interesting activity . The students are also very involved in the activities . Also the school is working toward to get ISA ( International School Award ) . For that they are doing many activities . They are doing many interesting activities based on their chapters. All the students were involved in the activity .  Overall the school was really good and had really good experiece .

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